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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

New Drama Addiction: The Originals

I must admit there would be periods of time where I would be so addicted to certain you tube clips from dramas on tv, cable or movie that it's embarassing to note I might be one of the frequent contributor to the increasing viewership of the said you tube clips. I don't watch them in full episodes since of course, they have strict guidelines about posting online for free but then again, I wouldn't want to watch everything so you tube is like heaven to me. That is provided, they upload the critical scenes. I would somehow know how the storyline goes, even though I don't watch all because I trawl the internet for the spoilers, recap and even the transcript, pretty much what I do with this show. 

After that, I would continue to trawl the you tube world and I'm thankful for these eager fans would spend time running through the episodes and make short clips out of them the minute they're out. So time consuming and therefore, I'm touched by how they do it without any fees and out of their own free time and interest, super fast too I must add, to share with the fans from other parts of the world.

You must have read my earlier post on how I was so in awe with one of the supporting characters which I admit, would promptly stop watching, if they ever kill his character. He's such a cool person like those laidback type but with such badass vibe to it, although I must say that in the recent episode, he is a little of a disappointment for a werewolf army leader. But he got injured so ok, guard down for a moment. He was saved by Josh, obviously, and who is also my favourite supporting characters. 

Argh, I can't choose! I like most of the characters, except of course the vengeful baddies, such as the two main Michaelson brothers Elijah and Klaus (world's apart in personalities but they look out for each other), the besties Josh and Davina, Marcel, the Vampire leader and Aiden, the werewolf leader and a secret ally of the vampires, for as long as it gets him and his pack, the freedom from being under the beck and call of the witches.

I had to wait for two months before they start the season again this month (oh, the agony!) but clearly, I was happy because Aiden and Josh are still alive, phewh. I could rest my thoughts because someone commented in the wikipedia, they mentioned in their twitter that they would be in the next season after this mid season finale. Yay, they're alive!

Ok, back to this show. So basically it's a supernatural drama made up of werewolves, vampires and witches and their feud over centuries. It's a spinoff from the popular Vampire Diaries series. Despite the centuries of feud, once in awhile, they would come together to form an alliance, grudgingly of course, if they need one another to help defeat the enemies working against them. I would post the link below, if you ever want to know more about the show. It really helps for a newbie like me. 

I would call this my new tv addition, though technically, I don't watch it there. Or rather, my new distraction especially during rest moments from cramming of notes for the upcoming Exams.

Learn more about The Originals here

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Trip to Jalan Besar, Butter Studio & Queueing for Llao Llao

A couple of weeks ago, my brother and I finally went to our first ever cafe adventure. We went to Butter Studio who often posted mouth watering cakes and drinks on instagram, which my brother followed, and has been bugging me ever since to bring him there. We kept thinking it was at some God forsaken old place along Jalan Besar that we have to find the ways that are not accessible by buses so it was quite put off. 

But one day, coz obviously, one can only hear so much of one thing, decided that hey, since it's around the pay day period, we shall just go (And get it over and done with, per say) and we took a bus from near our home and were very surprised that it wasn't that far away and it was actually accessible by bus. 

Yes, us and our paranoia.

It was a rather quaint cafe, not exactly bustling, but filled with about two groups of teenagers, or young adults, that were much hipper than us like one of those cool crowds that my nerdy teenage brother can't fit in, lol..and so can't I coz I'm so old already. But anyway, who cares about them. We sat near the counter and ordered us some nice cakes. We could have tried more but we shall leave that to another day. Plus, my pocket wasn't big enough,  haha.

The cafe is situated at one of the shophouses with three levels. Such great architecture that has been preserved from the past for our generations to marvel at. 

After our cafe adventure, we took a bus to the city, which wasn't too far away, about 10 to 15 minutes, for our next adventure which required....queueing.

Again, one of my brother's craving (the things I have to entertain) is to eat the popular Llao Llao frozen yoghurt. Seriously, it's just frozen yoghurt but sometimes, it's either hype or everyone seems to be into it which somehow drags in their friends and friends or friends to join in.

My attempt to fit into the cool crowd would work here by queueing (!) 20 minutes. But then again, I've queued for far longer than this, in the hot afternoon sun, as compared to this, in the confinement of an air conditioned place, so no complains here actually. 

I would say that it wasn't so bad. It wasn't fanatically good but I figured it was value for money for the one that we bought, which I think was called Sanum, and being the stingy me like what's new, I bought one and we shared. I think the price was justified for the toppings that they gave us which consist of three different fresh fruits, one topping and one sauce. 

Totally worth the queue as it was tasty but yah, I wouldn't queue on a frequent basis. Just for the novelty of it to check out the hype.

So, what will be our next cafe adventure? For this one, check out the pictures below!

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Bad Coughing Ordeal

My absence from the blogging world and just when I promised that I would blog more often, and then I had to be plagued by really bad coughing fits that left me tired, especially work and school. Apparently, it was so bad that at the start of the early weeks of Jan, I had fever which left me so cold and hallucinating when attempting to sleep. How could I not sleep. I kept going to the toilet because my body mechanism was somehow screwed up and probably, it was trying to help me cope with my fever. 

In the end, my mum found out that I was indeed having a fever even though I kinda think that I wasn't. Remember, I was hallucinating. So, she gave me panadol, which is like the best quickest cure ever. I fell asleep without waking up and then by morning at about 5 plus, I was well enough to get up and sit down before getting ready for work.

But it was the start of my coughing nightmares. There was so much pghlem in my throat and there were frequent moments when I would cough like nobody's business like this throat was constantly tickled by a feather lodged in between. And please don't imagine that, haha. I couldn't talk normally because I would break into coughing spasm so I had to be careful. Of course, as careful as I was, the coughing spasm would come, whether or not I like it. Also, for the first time ever, I finished a full bottle of cough medicine. And I hate cough medicine but somehow, for this round, I was dependent on it. 

Now I would say that though I'm not 100% better, my condition is far better than it is before. I did had one moment of coughing fit but didn't feel like I was dying going to have some chronic attack. 

I've always thought that coughing is the least painful sickness, as compared to fever and sore throat, but this time round, I've been proven wrong. 

So please, people. Do take care of your health. It does teach me a thing or two about health and how I should be leading a more healthier lifestyle. More on that later. Well, things happen and our body does go through some sickness, like the common cold, and it could also be a reflection of how we have been mistreating our body, whether through our diet or our general lifestyle. It could be the weather too or when you're surrounded by inconsiderate people who cough at your face, but bottomline is, our health is wealth.

Stay healthy people and consume more food that has vitamins beneficial to our body.

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Thursday, January 01, 2015

2014 Year in Review & Hopes for 2015

We had a gloomy year end with the latest aviation crash of a plan en route to Singapore, my home country whose life status of over 150 passengers are still  unclear and the main wreckage still in the midst of being located. There is a massive flood going on in neighbouring country Malaysia, the worse that hit them leaving thousands homeless and facing food shortages. 

If we are right here in the comfort of our home, or in the company of our friends or loved ones, consider ourselves lucky that we are able to still ring in the year 2015 with a bang. I hope for all of us that this year, despite the unknown challenges ahead, have faith that we will start and end 2015 on a powerful and positive note.

Learning about these sad events that unfold in the form of tv footage and news coverage, I can't imagine being stranded without a house and waiting for our loved ones in vain, not knowing if they're dead or alive. It shows how our life is so precious and that wherever possible, we should seize the moment and live life to the fullest each day.

From here onwards, I'll start my quick review of 2014 and my hopes for 2015.

I've gotten weekly orders and I'm thankful for them because it gives me the opportunity to learn more and be better at what I do. It's a mean feat and very challenging in coping with these orders, where many tend to be of last minute. So for 2015, I hope to continue to challenge myself and cope better with the increasing orders and do my best. I will also would like to run this online shop in a more business-like manner, rather than just doing it as 'for fun' thing to bring in some extra dough.

Study wise, last year for the first time after more than 10 years, I took major exams. It was 3 subjects but still nothing short of crazy! I did surprisingly well though after I took quite a beating from having failed one of the class test. I told myself I will NEVER fail again because it will goes to show that I'm not focused enough  on my studies, choosing to focus on other aspects, namely my online shop. I finished 2 modules last year and on the way of completing my 3rd one very soon.

For 2015, I would continue to be better at my studies and to be at the top of my game by setting enough time for revision. It's been challenging for my other classmates as well, the younger and the older ones but I hope they will also continue to do their best and not give up easily.

Last year too, I had my second promotion at work. The pay got better and I had to acknowledge that my boss has higher expectations of me too. She has set her targets high last year and I struggled through trying to match up her targets which let me to become rather depressed and wanting to change jobs. 

But I stuck through and do my best, even though there are still hiccups along the way, and so I hope for 2015, I want to perform better, focus more and make lesser mistakes.

Financially, I was fine at the start of 2014 right through the middle but in the last quarter, I started to be face financial problems for like I don't know how many times already. Still, during that episode, I've made major changes to how I spend my money by triple checking the purpose of buying something. I want to make sure it adds value to my life, no matter the amount, so that it doesn't end up as frivolous spending and a waste of money.

Sounds rather complicated so instead of making my brain hurt, for 2015 financially, I want to focus more on making money. A lot of hard work need to be pumped in but I'm more determined than ever that I don't want to be feel trapped anymore. This will help me a lot in achieving my goal of living a comfortable life with a stash of savings and to be out of poverty, once and for all.

On a last note, I'm actually quite scared like what's going to happen and feeling as though I have to start all over again on this roller coaster ride. On the other hand, to be blessed that I get to usher in a brand new year again. Nobody knows for sure what is in store for us. But to not know what will happen, for sure we know that no matter what happens, we will come out stronger and better than ever before.

Happy New Year, everyone! Here's to more blogging and sharing with you snippets of my life, stories, disappointments, hopes and dreams.

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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Magical Christmas Feeling..Taking Time Out from Busy Schedule

The joy of giving and spreading the love and kindness all around. There's just too much hate going on and too much emphasis on petty little things. I am no angel and I strive to be better all the time and not be, mean and too calculative on the family. Although I don't celebrate Christmas, apart from the fanfare and overhype, I think the the joy of giving and spending time with friends and family is still not lost and the latter is pretty much celebrated by all other major celebrations across religions and culture, promoting togetherness. 

There was no gift exchange in my workplace on Christmas even but just as a token of appreciation, I bought a box of Crabtree & Evelyn London handcream lotions and gave them out to my colleagues. I didn't keep any for myself except the pretty box, hehe. It's just a little something from me for helping me prep the 300 (!) cards for a major project. I did get some gifts as well and I appreciate every single one of them :)

That holiday morning, at 7.30 am, I opened my 'Christmas' present..haha..which is technically the bigshot machine that you can see from my previous post. After two freaking weeks, I finally took that baby out. I needed to use it for my current project.

So far, I've no regrets buying it and fell absolutely in love with it and me thinks, it's a wonderful product, provided I can get the dies at a cheaper price, haha. Admittedly, this was the one that did not make me want to buy it over these years. But the machine is versatile enough to be able to use those dies from other manufacturers which my current mini die cut machine couldn't.

In the late afternoon, I watched a Christmas special which was the Cake Boss special episode which showed behind the scenes of Carlo's Bakery on how they worked and churn out those cakes and pastries to the snaking crowd. He got mad skills as a baker and even though he yells at times, but I think working under pressure can really take a toll when you want the best and you have many orders to fulfill, and some people don't quite share the same driven passion.

Okay I was more interested at how he was such a genius in conceptualizing the 3D cakes and basic cakes that he decorated in a whim! 5 at a time! So much so, I was also driven in finishing the embellishments of 4 layouts in the same manner, hehe. Struggled at first, but got the hang of it and I want to keep this method of working. 45 minutes flat. AH-MA-ZING.

While I would love to continue working on my projects, I need to go out with my brother who had planned where to go after being sick for the last few days. He missed going and the places we went to become the highlight of the day. I may be busy but I'm never too busy for my family and for some 'me' time.

We went to the Art Museum which offered free entry, watched the last bit of Christmas carolling, where they were visibly seen to be tired, and then made our way to Garden by the Bay. We missed the 'snowing' at the specially constructed dome so had to wait for awhile for the next one. While waiting, we watched the Lightshow (Winter Edition) where the super trees lighted up in a musical sequence following a series of Christmas songs, starting "Do You Want to Build a Snowman? from the popular Frozen movie and finished it with Mariah Carey's "All I want for Christmas is You".

So we managed to catch the snowing, which was technically just foam coming out from the foam machine, hehe. But it was definitely nice :)

We made in time to Dhoby Gaut for dinner at Pastamania, where we realised later on that we were their last customers. Yay! What an honour..haha.

Meanwhile, enjoy the pictures below from our evening out!

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Saturday, December 27, 2014

My New Bigshot Machine & Goals in MOney Management

I've experienced hardship for the last couple of months and this time round, even though I probably tell myself this every year, I am more determined to spend money in the right direction. I read a book prior to this, not specifically about money management, but how you evaluate your life choices to enhance it rather than burden it. Also, how we can create positive thinking for ourself and take ownership over the things that matter such as our work, our business if we have, family, friends and our life. If we want to lead a successful life, we can create the success, no matter what situation we are in if we are willing to call the shots.

Once I received my bonus, I knew that I want to take it the right direction. All the brand new shiny things in our life may not add value to our life if we know back home, we have similar things that are still quite brand new or untouched for a long time. 

I am more careful with spending and now, I try my best to spend with benefits in mind. I got myself a big shot machine that is actually a die cutting machine that I think will be a great investment to my handmade papercrafting business. Of course, I felt the initial pinch because I've not spend this much on a single product for a very very long time but perhaps, in the long run, I could reap benefits that are worth much more than what I pay for this. 

I thought it will be a better investment than  my other annual investments such as a brand new bag which I forgo even though it was in the colour that I really liked. I bought bags instead for a dear friend of mine who helped me through the tough times when I went through financial hardship. Yet, she still chose to surprise me with two complimentary movie tickets to watch any movies in that theatre.

I also chose to spend the money on my family when I treat them to Fish & Co which I honestly dislike going because it's so ex for a family restaurant! But they wanted it and even though it's something that we can't always afford, now that we can, why not, eh?

Besides spending with benefits in mine, I also try not to spend just because most people rave about it such as the moleskine notebook and the tarte blush palette that is the no 3 selling item in Sephora. I looked high and low for it but when I held the last piece like crazy, and did some swatches, I realised that I have blushes of similar shade. 

I was also this close to buying an expensive (well, at least to me), a moleskine notebook and also realised I have a similar one, though not original, that I barely used and got it for free. After two years, and collecting dust, I used the notebook that I have instead to good use such as planning the draft for this blog post.

I also chose to spend on buying the supplies and papers related to my online papercrafting business because the benefit I can get is the extra income to supplement my regular monthly pay.

I've worked hard for the money and I know that money don't come easy although it had been a great help to me when I was almost down to my last dollar. I've spend my time over the weekend pouring over the custom orders and usually go out at night to my favourite mall to just chill out a slight bit and to check out things I could buy for my business. 

So after reading this post, I hope that you will also learn to manage your money properly because whenever we have extra income, we often think that the money is going to be there forever. Unless you have income coming in every day, it's high time we do a simple check on how we spend our money before it's too late and we're barely crawling back up from our last dollar...again.

Before I go, do check out this teal beauty called the Bigshot Machine and the sample die cut that I've done :)

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2014 Meat Fest at Seoul Garden

I've been so extremely busy but then again, sometimes I think it also boils down to time management. I guess I can accomplish more in a shorter amount of time if I could be a little bit more disciplined. I am however progressing in small amounts but I believe it can be accomplished if only I put my heart into it.

So two weeks ago, was the grand payday which also means extra pay for me as it's when I will get my year end bonus. It is therefore a yearly affair for us to go on a crazy meat fest. We went to our usual place to attack large amounts of meat, or at least more than we usually consume, which is at Seoul Garden Takashimaya. We actually have one at a nearby mall but somehow we still chose to go that same place.

One thing I learn though, is to not go after 8pm. It's not really money worth it because we didn't get as much varieties especially for the soup although we still manage to put our grilling skills to test with the marinated meat available. You don't have to be an expert at it but just common sense to see if the meat have been thoroughly cooked. Still I feel like I paid the same price for something less. Oh well, looks like we have to make another trip for it but definitely the one at the mall here.

After that we took a mini stroll along Orchard Road.....with heavy box of a big shot machine I bought earlier on. More on that later, but it got my brother annoyed because we were struggling to carry it with us and we were supposed to take pictures of the Christmas light up in town. We did make up for it eventually yesterday and I'll put up a post showing you all the pretty pretty lights!

After the walk, we chilled at Coffee Bean in Ion Orchard for awhile after buying a small cake for our mum at home.

Meanwhile, enjoy the pictures.

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