Are We Blocking Ourselves from Happiness?

I have admittedly felt a little low these days and have some days feel like it's hard to shake this emotional distress out. That is after I watched a video and I felt a little better and makes me think a little harder as well on how this emotional dilemma I'm facing is mostly self inflicted.

Sometimes there are reasons why we are worried and sometimes there is no cause of worry but we still do so. Because of this self inflicted emotional state of  mind, we fail to see what we have in life that we forget about but instead, should be grateful for.

The video makes me realise that I let myself get carried away with emotions when I compare myself unconsciously with others and thinking how their lives seem to be way better than mine. I had the wrong focus. Instead, I should focus on me. Keep my mind occupied and doing things that matter to keep my mind away from feeling lost and helpless. In other words, focus on me. I know it sounds as though it's so egoistic but if you put it in…

How Watching a Certain Reality Show Impacted My Life

I have been a little off in life hence why for quite a period of time, I stopped updating this blog. But the struggles that I go through within me are somewhat lessen a little by the things that I read that inspire me or by learning from other people's examples. They help me cope with my daily life a little bit better and even though I am still not 100% in my element currently, I always tell myself that life goes on and I must continue to grow from strength to strength with each passing day.

Recently, I have been watching Rupaul's Drag Race and it is one of those shows that you will simply binge watch because they were so good. Yes, the show is about men dressing up as women or in drag but in each episode, there is always something entertaining that keep us wanting to watch and see what happens next. And of course, just like any other reality shows, there is always drama between the queens (they're called that in the show) and how they are coping with the challenges. Becaus…

Our Experience at the Prudential Marina Bay Carnival 2018

Last week, we rounded up our Marina Bay Carnival 2018 with the games, which we sucked at by the way. Honestly it was annoying how we throw money away like that, haha. We had enough rides..or rather had enough with rides, gosh that Viking ride made me broke out in sweat. I still don't understand how people can do an IG story/selfie/wefie while they were on that Viking ride that swing like a damn pendulum.

Anyway, we started off with the Euro Ride which was fun but alas, too brief. I think there were like two points that plunged down when we reached the top and then we were back to square one. It would have been better if we went at least two rounds but oh well. Now the Viking, that felt like forever, haha.

I told myself not to scream and though I didn't give out a girly scream, it was more of an exhilirating scream while looking at the guy sitting opposite, with a face who couldn't care less. I was thinking, don't you feel anything? The various reactions on the ride.

I was…

Do We Lose Freedom When We Are Married?

Freedom is such an open word. It can mean freedom of speech, freedom to explore the world and freedom to live the life that you want. Often people feel that they are being pigeonholed and that their lives are being controlled by other people, whether by closed ones or those unrelated to them.

Each person's definition of freedom is different though the main thing still remains that people want to feel 'free' and able to make decisions on their own. 

Some people view marriage to be one that hinders their progression in life. Though I'm not married myself, initially I thought being unmarried means having the lack of freedom to do what I want. Being in marriage means having to do things only after consulting with my husband or do things for the sake of my children which means sacrificing a lot of things that I used to do back when I am still single.

But it's not true. It still depends on how you choose to lead your life and how supportive your spouse is. I mean being sing…

i Light Festival at Marina Bay 2018

Last Saturday, we finished off our iLight Festival 2018 at the Esplanade & Marina Bay and we had covered most of the light displays. They were really interesting in terms of the shapes, sound and some were interactive which attracted even more crowds. There were also some made from recycled materials turning them into lighted displays. iLight Festival takes a look at various sculptures that make use of the light elements in LED form, UV ray form or simply flourescent lights  in large casings of various designs, mostly frosted glass. Some will light up and play an array of colours when interacted with elements such as sound or touch. The lighted displays come in various sizes too from a small 'mushroom' to a large red coloured heart.

I think this iLight Festival should be carried on annually because it provides a good platform for local artists to stretch their creative abilities. Every year, it attracts large crowds of people and make for some interesting insta worthy pictu…

Weekly Update from 19 March to 25 March 2018

I haven't been quite in my element in the first few weeks of March but I'm getting there as in, as much as possible, I try to steer back my life in the direction that I want to go. To be honest, all of us go through ups and downs in life. There will be times when we read or listen of stories of people who go through far worse than us and then we think about how lucky we are that our problems are basically just in our mind, like how I just emotional for nothing.

However, I just need to pull it together and go through life in as much positivity as possible. And then be happy and grateful for what I have and to celebrate little moments because as I learnt recently, tomorrow is never promised. We often put things on hold because we think a lot of time and that tomorrow is another day. But what if that tomorrow never comes. Even if it comes, are we going to be in the right state of mind and body to do what we wanted to do all this time.

So basically, we do not know what will happen t…

When Colleagues Talk Behind Your Back

I haven't had a good start to March and it became an issue because I feel that I'm not doing my best. Yes we all have our moments and as much as we try to make it right or make it better, it cannot be 100 per cent perfect. And this leads me to think that I'm simply not good enough.

We are not perfect and we make mistakes. Unfortunately, all the effort we put in get swept aside because of this one mistake we made that automatically make people think we are not good enough. And while I don't ask for appreciation, it upsets me to know that the person I was covering for due to her medical condition, added fuel to the fire by saying to another colleague, oh I don't like to receive instructions, as though implying that it could have caused the mistake.

First of all, I thank God that this other colleague spoke to me about what had been said about me. Yes I was upset thinking about how they could say such things. But this colleague, who was the one receiving the 'info…

Rediscovering Writing & Cutting Down My Reliance On Social Media

I started writing again in my journal when I came across an old notebook where I did some creative writing and then reminisce about the time I didn't have any internet at home. I didn't even have a computer. At some point, I did have and back then was the dial up internet, lol. But it was still a form of entertainment, at a much slower speed, haha.

Anyway, I was also thinking how simpler life was back then and how less dependent we were on our phones and the internet. So I relied on writing and there was no online journal so I wrote inside my notebooks. Honestly it was quite embarrassing reading through them but these pages shaped my world back then.  I stopped writing for quite a while this year because I didn't feel like it. It's also as though I'm repeating myself. I would say that I promise to do this or that but never seem to come around and do something progressive. I feel as though I reset my life so many times without any much progress. So perhaps I would ta…