The Health Talk That Changed My Life

I haven't been writing in awhile coz I haven't been in the best of health. Like even up to now, I'm still having sporadic flu like when it comes, it comes. And sometimes I'm just lazy to dig my bag for the tissue and I'll just walk..with a wet nose, ha. Hoping nobody would notice but of course, if I'm in the crowd, eventually I will wipe it.

Only thing is that I am grateful that I do not have fever coz that will be the bane of my life. I remembered getting it in the middle of last year and then two weeks later, it came again. Actually, I did have a slight fever and I was aching a bit in the legs especially, but just not as much as last year. That was beyond control. If I could cry in public, I would coz it was that painful. But I was definitely feeling like I was being tortured on the inside.

Moving on, I just came back from the Johor trip. Pictures up soon but basically it was just us, lol. This was an annual thing for us and we almost didn't get to go today…

No Matter How Different We Are, I am Terrified to Lose You

Please forgive the emo title. Yesterday, the Malec fans from the Shadowhunters, went through an emotional ride when our two favourite characters declared their love for each other. Alec who had mixed emotions about his relationship with Magnus earlier in the series, went through strong emotions when he didn't know whether Magnus was alive or dead because many of the Downworlders died when the antagonist in the show was determined to rid of them using the mortal sword. Well Magnus is a downworlder as he's a warlock and if he had not gotten out of the Institute to save the little warlock who was being used for her abilities, he would be a gone case too. 

But coming back to earth (well technically, I'm still floating), I actually predicted from the promo video that Alec would say I love you. Why? Ok, coz from the last episode, he knew of the impending war against the Downworlders and I guessed he declared his love before going on this mission. However, it happened after the mi…

Our Hopes & Dreams...and Our Future

When we were in our twenties, we were stumbling around learning and getting used to working life. At the same time too, we also enjoyed life in our youth discovering new things, love and friendship. We also see the uglier side of people and that the world isn't as rosy as we think it is. 

These things make us think and make us grow up, being in situations that are both desirable and undesirable, and making adult decisions that well, not all we fancy. Many of us care less about the future, just want to enjoy the moment while we still can. Then as we get older, bear more responsibilities towards other people and not just towards ourselves, we become stronger. Yes we are still human and we still make mistakes but we are ever more cautious now as we start to think ahead about our future and what we can do now to ensure we have a better future. 

I mean if we have grown up leading a life that isn't all that easy, what we want is just to be able to have it easier and not having to go t…

10 Quirky Things About Me

I haven't been writing recently but that is about to change, I promise! My life was all over the place trying to cope with the new changes and demands recently but it is starting to fall into place. So I thought why not make it a little interesting with some quick info about me here. Ok, disclaimer, my life isn't as fantastic as most social media people but oh well, they are still quirks or facts about me, whether you like it or not, haha.

Here you go, 10 things about me list.

1. I am into the the Shadowhunters series. They are human-angel  hybrids bent on killing the demons while being loggerheads with people not of their kind, mainly the downworlders like vampires and warlocks. The time I got the books from the young adult fiction section, I felt like a hundred pair of eyes were looking at this old lady browsing through the section to find the book. If you read the books, yes I'm a Malec fan. 

I also follow the tv series currently showing in America, and they're both a …

A Trip to Sentosa for the 12 Zodiacs Light Exhibition

When I was in primary school, I remembered taking the ferry to Sentosa. It was after the PSLE and went on this excursion. If you had been to Sentosa back in the days, you would remember the iconic terminal. Now we can even walk to Sentosa via the boardwalk and it's free. I'm not sure for how long so while it's still free, why not just walk. You can take the lrt train and pay, I think $3.00, or take the bus down from Vivocity, but best is to walk. And you get to stop and take a picture like this one below.

Or on the travellator, lol.

Once inside, you still have to walk to get to the exhibition area but we took a bus down the beach from the terminal first.  Before we viewed the various zodiac exhibitions that looked like oversized Chinese lanterns, were greeted by these pretty dangling stars. Well, it's quite a money saver, combining it with the upcoming Valentine's Day.

The lantern displays (I shall call them that) looked really nice against the dark skies and of cours…

Coping with New Workplace Demands and Getting My Life Together

Hey, I'm back!! I'm trying to get my life together because I have been so busy and tired having to deal with new waking hours, new work culture and new job scope. Yes, I actually started my work at a new posting in HQ and it's been nothing but work all the way as I try to learn as much as I can from my colleague who is going to retire. Honestly this will be a very busy period for us as each cluster will submit their budget proposal and my job is to download the fund to them based on the proposal. However it's easier said than done and there's many steps involved which requires checking whether the account has existed and if not, to create those that are new, so that I am able to transfer the budget.

There are times when I thought about why do I even get involved in this. Like my mum said, I used to deal with just one school and now I have to deal with multiple schools. But I require new challenges and once you have reached a point that you feel you are not moving or…

Celebrating Our Extended CNY weekend with Prata

If you're celebrating Chinese New Year, well..Happy New Year!! It's usually around this time that most shops are closed. Shopping malls will almost be like a ghost town but I dunno, nowadays, they are closed for like a day and the next day, many shops are already opened even though traditionally, CNY is celebrated over two consecutive days. Can't wait to make the moolah, eh.

Anyway, yesterday we spent the evening at our favourite prata haunt. It's at Spring Leaf Restaurant over at Bukit Timah. We took a train down Hillview and walked about 10 minutes to the railway mall. We ordered our usual murtaburger which is basically like a burger but in a prata skin with lotsa cheese and mayonnaise. If you want to make your calorie laden food worth it, you should get this. They also have the ultimate murtabak which looks huge by the way and judging from the number of times I see plates of it pass by my table, this seems popular. Strangely, there were quite a lot of Chinese people …

Late Brunch with the Girls at Butter Studio

We may be busy with our schedules but we make it a point to do gatherings and though it's not as often as the last time, we made an effort to meet up and catch up. 

The last gathering we had was last September and though it was quite a while back, we kept it going with our WhatsApp group chat. But of course the best is to meet up with each other face to face. And that's what we did in this very late  brunch but nevertheless, it was like a low key tea party for us.

The location is at a quaint shophouse beside a main road so it is quite easy to get there. The place is called Butter Studio and you can google it to know where is the location. I went here once before and loved how it wasn't crowded and you can simply chill out and catch up with your friends and even do some quiet research unlike the forever busy Starbucks outlets.

While waiting for one of our friends to come, they had these Photo Booth props at the tables and we had fun taking pictures with them. 

So our dear frien…