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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Our First Group Meeting After Graduation

It has been a long time coming since the last time we met was on Graduation Day although I did meet up with 3 of them quite recently for a birthday celebration. I somehow never seem to miss out on any of the gatherings including the time when we went to a coffee shop after our stressful Econs exam papers. Still don't know how we survived that miraculously..haha..

Anyway, I've always been a silent supporter to this friendly bunch of people who always make me feel inclusive knowing that I am a lady of few words, haha. 

We went to this restaurant called PU3 and although the service staff should really write down orders so that we don't always have to remind them that two of our drinks had not arrived get our orders wrong. I mean it's for their customers' benefit and also their own so that they don' undercharge their customers. Just saying.

They serve Nasi Ambeng served in a big dulang or tray that is meant to be eaten by 2, 4 or 6 people which is meant to close ties among them as they eat together. But we opted for plates..hehe..although we shared the same dishes. The tray is served with different traditional Javanese dishes and though I gave eating these food like 10 years ago because I don't eat coconut milk based dishes which unfortunately we're talking about most Malay dishes, I still ate some nice dishes including the tahu lembik which is fried compressed soya bean cakes. I don't have the picture here..I don't know why..but it made a nice addition to my rice. It's also my saving grace.

So we waited half an hour before we could break fast with the food facing us which is not something that I like but oh well. So while eating later on, one of them who initiated this gathering, talked about how now he had changed job because he felt that he didn't have any future prospect with this job in terms of promotion. I want to be in that position too where I want to have a new job scope and a new working environment. 

We also talked about planning our graduation trip that has taken forever to plan..haha..and we kinda sorta settled on Batam? I mean everyone seemed to be agreeable and then one of them recounted her first massage experiences which she described as very ticklish and being a shy person (I would not have guessed that..haha) it turned to be rather uncomfortable for her. You know, I would be like that too. No massages for me, facial, hugs..whatever..haha. 

Anyway, we proceeded to walk together to the Dhoby Gaut mrt and halfway decided to take a group photo because it's so precious for our photo to be taken again like this since *sobs* there's no more school for us. Speaking of schoaol, I know school sucks especially during test, project and exam period..haha..but still you know, I like how my time is actually occupied going to school, okay more like rushing to school, then I'm more determined to save some moolah so that I can study for a degree in the future. 

Sidetracking for awhile there. So we took a favourable spot which is the Cathay, hence, why you can see their welcome sign above our heads, haha.

This is so going to be inside my memory keeping album :)

Hope we can catch up soon and even hoping that we will FINALLY get our graduation plan to Batam going as well instead of just talk and talk. 

Missing their company already.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Loyang Bus Depot Carnival 2016

We were almost late to the Bus Depot Carnival at Loyang and were getting more stressed out in the journey towards the Depot and to our horror, the next connecting bus that will bring us there will be arriving in...twenty five minutes?!! But luck was on our side as it arrived shortly within 10 minutes instead. We were this close to walking there actually, lol...but it was drizzling so we had no choice but to plonk our butt at the bus stop hoping the bus would actually arrive earlier than expected and it did :)

Thankfully, we managed to join the queue for the most exciting part of the journey and that is the.....bus washing! Yay!! Well, if you own a car or your family owns one, you may have gone through an automated car wash but we're talking about a bus fun like what! Yes, I was still excited about it, haha...and to actually not know what we were queueing for initially until I took a peek at the poster that had been turned the other way round because apparently, the one that we were queueing for, was the last trip already.

Such thrilling experience :)

We only missed out on the goodie bag, which my brother told me that it was only available to the first  1K people and that there was already a queue before the opening already. So that one, can forget about it. Instead, I tried out a game and even though I failed miserably at the shooting game (forget about a police career), it was done for the heck of getting a pack of stickers and snacks whether or not you played it right or not.

After that we queued for awhile again to take an instant picture at the driver's seat which my brother said was so cool and the seat was so comfortable. Well, it had to be because some journeys can be so damn long. We got an instant picture for memory keeping and this will go into my photo album, which I seriously need to update.

There was the usual young bus enthusiasts and we also managed to see the managing director who was mingling among the crowd of enthusiasts. Such a humble person and based on his linkedin profile, he started his career in 1995 as a bus driver and look where he is now!

We did managed to explore around even though we came there an hour before the official closing and also not making it in time to take part in the lucky draw as there was not enough time to finish the activities. Before the closing, we went out of the depot by taking a free shuttle bus by the new bus service provider, which drew many curious stares as the bus was driven through the streets.

It's nice to appreciate what we have in Singapore. Clean city and reliable transportation (well...when the mrt is on its best behaviour) but despite some hiccups here and there, it is most often a pleasurable journey to our destination.

Here are the pictures from the carnival..enjoy!

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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Body Positivity & What it Means to Me

I followed certain people and liked similar themed IG posts and Instagram picked these up under the explore tab. Because I liked various things, there will be a mixture naturally and then there was one thing that stood up. I liked and followed a famous plus sized model and also a you tuber who often talks about body positivity like how she came from a place of self loathing at her size to someone who is proud of her body, no matter the size, because she ain't gonna suffer any more from hiding herself and occupying her thoughts with what people say about her body. 

I believe that beauty starts from within and when you don't love yourself enough, you're not giving others a chance to love you for who you are. If people judge you based on how you look without giving you a chance to get to know you for who you really are, you should really stay away from these people because why let other people's bad opinions ruin you? 

Of course there's another group who think that these 'plus sized' people are giving themselves too much credit. They feel that these people are teaching others the wrong thing by telling the whole world to suck it by putting their bodies on full display, whether in a tiny bathing suit, or short shorts, because doesn't mean you're not a certain 'standard size' you can't wear these clothes. That they are promoting obesity instead of promoting good health. 

Look, of course we shouldn't advocate an unhealthy lifestyle but it doesn't mean they're large in size, they're practically couch potatoes. They can actually lead a more active lifestyle than average sized people who may be lucky enough to not be so active and yet, still look lean. They also eat food that is good for their bodies and yet, they're happy the way they are because they love themselves and do not look down on themselves. 

There are actually slim girls who still look at themselves disgustedly because they feel that they're not thin enough when compared to other girls. Or they're not pretty enough and so many other insecurities. The body is not at fault. It's simply a vessel for us to nourish it with good food and keep our joints healthy and not swelling by having an active lifestyle. 

The point is, if you're not happy that you're of this size and you want to look good and feel good, then it's OK to take actions that will ensure your next stair climbing process won't be a painful process and that when you lower your daily sugar and fat intake, you help to prolong your life. You don't have to feel bad that you think you're not loving yourself enough because you no longer want to look this size anymore. You just am so tired of having painful joints or feeling lethargic often because of heavy consumption of sugar. But even with all this background work, you can actually not wait for that to happen first because you can truly accept yourself.

It's not always about wanting to feel accepted by others by being a certain body type that is often shown in social medias. It's about what makes you feel good from the inside. That's where body positivity comes in. You don't have to wait. You can start loving yourself right now. Because
if you don't give permission to love yourself no matter what size you are, and choose to focus negatively, other people can't see you for who you are because of your self loathing.

Whenever you start to downplay yourself, start by telling yourself that it is more important to live a purposeful life rather than a self hating life. You can do more good to others, by being more charitable and being more kind, that you can see for yourself beauty goes beyond physical appearances. The minute you start discrediting yourself, tell yourself that hey, the important thing is that I AM healthy and I AM blessed for having a body that is working hard to keep me truly alive and well and the way I repay my body's kindness to me is to treat it well and good. 

Let's start this body positivity affirmation right now :)

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I love Fridays!! I mean, don't you? I feel like I'm going out practically every Friday, lol. But the last two Fridays, they were pretty different because I spent time in the company of people I normally don't hang out with. One was a birthday celebration with my former schoolmates ever since we started this last year and now we have an additional member. I feel like because of our closer age group, we get along better although selfies seem to be something across age groups, haha.

When you grow older, you appreciate friendship more than just partying and having fun mostly. Back then, you feel like you are left out when you don't go out until late night. Even though I'm no party animal back in those days as well, I feel like I 'accomplished' something simply by doing nothing and just be in the midst of hip and happening crowd and listening to loud music to the point of shouting. Honestly, I didn't really feel good then but I didn't want to feel somewhat displaced if I didn't follow along or something.

Now, just to chit chat, catch up on life and have food at the same time, you treasure those moments more during the interaction. It takes you away from the hustle and bustle of life that can be stressful at times and it also beats having to sit in front of the laptop screen and watching endless you tube videos...oops.

Life is fleeting. It's not all about climbing the corporate ladder and making big money. It's not about being happy only when you feel like you have accomplished things in life. It's about making the best of each day and spending quality time with the people that matters in your life. Sure you win some, you lose some. But things can happen out of the blue and then you will start wishing you've done this or you've done that. Make each day incredible :)

Photos below!

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Saturday, June 11, 2016

The Downs of Running An Online Shop & My Hope for A New Full Time Job

I've been toying with this idea on whether I should continue to run this little online shop of mine. It is tiring to actually wake up much earlier before work to rush some orders so that I can have it ready by the same day. But sometimes what pushes me on is the fact how some people have so much energy in themselves  because they truly believe in their products and want others to feel the same way too. But of course, it's not like the things come for free like what they say, in order to make money, you need to spend  money. And so that's how proper financial planning comes in. For me, it's kinda different because I tend to spend more on quality products and I don't like to charge high prices for my crafted products. Simply because not everything is about money you know. If I make a little cash, then it's good enough. Just to keep moving and so that I can continue to buy newer products from my favourite paper crafting stores in Singapore.

Then seeing how some other younger entrepreneurs tirelessly work through project after project tirelessly and yet looking flawless and with all smiles, sometimes I think wow, are they like energiser bunnies or something. But of course, what they portray on the social media is half of what you see behind. Juggling family commitments, being a boss to their workers, answering to suppliers and so on and so forth, I think about if they can do it, so can I. So during such moments where I feel like I can't do this, I just tell myself that I CAN do this. I am going to give my best as though I am the world's best. It's a bit far fetched but it sets you on the right path that if you only produce quality products, naturally things will slowly come into place, no matter how difficult the going can be you know.

So that is one of the things that is bugging me recently. Also because my energy took quite a dip as this week, we started fasting. However, I feel like I'm blessed that I'm sitting in the air conditioned room and just doing office work in front of the pc instead of out doing physical work in the hot sun. Not that I don't know how this was like, having to travel during work, and then being out in the sweltering sun and often walking up and down. Still tired is tired you know. But it's just the beginning. Over time, I believe it will get better and I will still be able to function. Except by normal state of function means lying in bed after eating and then playing with my handphone until I fall asleep, lol. 

Oh man, now I can't even recall that I used to go to school three times a week for 2 and a half years, haha..where being in bed after reaching home after work is out of question. I am still hoping that I will get called by the company I applied for a new job with even though they stated that it can take 8 weeks I guess? It's not that I don't enjoy the company of my friends. But I can't stand how we have to suffer under a management that isn't so sure what they have to do and being all jumpy and emotional. I know my previous boss was such a hard worker, fierce if the work is tardy, but she doesn't get emotions in the way like work is work. Even the Vice Principal of curriculum knows that we are 'suffering' under this change of management but I am lucky enough that we work closely as a team together, helping each other when the need arises.

Still, I don't study for the sake of nothing you know. I want to have a better future. That means I want to put my two and year of studies to good use. I pray that I get called for interview at least, instead of just pushing my applications aside. I feel like I am in a better position now that I was previously when I was still very new to work.

Hope for the best for me, please :)

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Sunday, May 29, 2016

How Time Flies..Happy Birthday to My Brother who is 21!

I watched on Instagram how grand a 21st birthday is, with special birthday set up with friends and family celebrating this special occasion together as he or she leaves the teenage angst behind and step forward to the treacherous life ahead called...adulthood. Lol, I made it seem like it's the worst thing to happen but just as we learn and grow in every stage of our life, basically I think the most challenging is being in your twenties. It's full of hope, love and promises and on the other spectrum, disappointments, despair and well, heaps of bills. We start to question where we stand and where do we go from here.

But we all have to grow up and from our twenties, we learn a heck lot that when we enter our thirties (ahem..) we mellowed down a bit as we start to settle in. However, we question life even more like for many of us, the twenties have been a roller coaster ride and now we have left the ride and we think, what now. We felt that we shouldn't be wasting our life any further and as many of us have entered new territories such as getting married, climbing up the career leader, running successful business and juggling all these in a so called work-life balance.

Life becomes more meaningful as you start to concentrate your energy into things that matter, rather than being in every thing that we feel passionate for or fear in being left out. Now, you just wanna concentrate in running your own life, rather than just being defiant about doing things that people want you to become. Of course being in the thirties doesn't mean you are in a very secured place and and that you know what you want already because life is a continuous journey of self discovery. Of course, there are those who have families and established careers, are comfortable where they are right now. This is what they want and they couldn't ask for more For others, people like me,  we just have to keep on moving because you don't want to always remain stagnant. For example, getting a new job, pursuing further education, meeting new people, running a business, travelling and discover new places and do more volunteer work.

Okay, before I go on and on, I am a little bit sad that we are not able to hold such grand birthday celebration for him. But he's a simple young man. He doesn't like asking for things. His birthday is like any regular day for him except for that day, he worked shorter hours in his part time job and went home to sleep. That's it. 

But just because it doesn't bother him, doesn't mean we will just ignore and treat it like any OTHER day. We continue the tradition of buying a cake for him, him in his home clothes, mum getting the paper plates ready and me attempting to light up the candles without burning my fingers. A simple celebration for a simple guy.

I hope you remain as down to earth as you are right now. I know you don't like to talk about your impending national service but I will be praying for your safety every single day because you're the only brother I've got and I can't ask for more. I know that I used to think that juggling this family would be much easier if I don't have a younger brother to support. But the fact that you're so fuss free and that without you around, I don't know who I can talk my problems too. Life used to be so depressing to me but as you grow older, you grow wiser too and I know you don't really understand my problems but at times, you give such simple and straight forward response that even as an adult, who is 14 years older than you, I don't understand why I make such silly mistakes.

I know you may seem to not care so much all the time like some typical teenager but when mum is in her bad mood and giving attitude, you didn't hesitate to step in for me. For that, I am forever grateful that God gives me such an angel brother.

Happy 21st birthday to my younger brother. And as I said to you, always remain grounded, no matter what life throws your way now that you have stepped into adulthood. You will always have my back and support.

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