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Monday, December 01, 2014

TV Guy of the Moment

 Are you like me, if you watch someone on tv, or stalk over the internet and then you have this strange feelings that overcome you, making you to meet someone just like him or her? So far, no one has captured my heart but I'm fangirl-ing over some guys over the internet and this year, I've fan-girled (which basically means mooning over someone you can never get, haha) over an interior decorater who got married to another great looking interior decorater, an actor who well, only showed his acting prowess in the last episode and then this one, a cool looking guy who has got himself into a star crossed relationship (in other words, doomed to enjoy while it lasts).

Meet Aiden, from The Vampire Diaries spin-off The Originals.

Isn't he handsome? Ok honestly, at first I thought he was simply 'meh' or not that good looking but just like every other guy like him, I have fallen in love with his rather complex character (he's a werewolf) from a badass type of guy to this sweet endearing shy guy who doesn't want to feel alone. 

He worries over his pack and is protective over his younger brother who is yet to be a wolf like him and he had enlisted the help of the vampires to bring the young werewolves to a safe place which he was also protective over. He is the leader of his pack who is serving the alpha wolves (which means the stronger more authoritative type) but isn't fond of their actions. So he's caught in such situation where he feels like a betrayer because in their world, the vampires and the werewolves don't mix.

Somehow, he's an ally with them even though he initially came with a warning to ask them to get lost. 

I told you he's complex.

Anyway, who cares about the storyline. I think he's a really cool guy who yes, can be a badass but is a sensitive soul inside yearning to be loved and accepted.


Well, whatever it is, I hope he doesn't die that fast and I do hope his relationship with vampire Josh (who is also cute, by the way) will blossom so that I can keep fangirl-ing.

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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sweets for My Sweet Tooth & One KM Mall

I'm combining two posts in one, pretty much like killing two birds with one stone, except that I won't enjoy doing that.

I don't know about you people and I know that the rate of Diabetes patients among the Muslim community is on a rise and I've taken steps to ensure that I don't go that path because I've a family history of it.

While I've given up on coconut rich dishes (yes, including the popular Nasi Lemak which is one of Singapore's national dishes and well loved by all races in Singapore coz somehow we can relate over food easier than other things) but I can never completely give up on feeding my soul with sweet SWEET things. 

The only drawback is that, to avoid joining the stats, I've cut down on it drastically. For example, just to munch on the red velvet doughnut from Krispy Kreme, I have to wait for about two months to be able to sink my teeth into it. Even then, it's being shared with my brother along with  other just as tasty..and the red velvet dougnut cake.

But then again, you know what they say, the longer you crave for it, the tastier it I just come up with that myself.

Enjoy the beauty that is of the Krispy Kreme doughnut cake.

I also have a sweet spot for macaroons, completely nauseating sweet, in bite sized pieces. Their flavours are so diverse and they're oh so colourful. The price for each macaroon varies from $1.80 to $2.80 depending on where you  buy them from and the flavours.

Because they are overtly sweet, it's not even qualified as once in a while treat. I hardly eat it and of course, if got a chance to eat, like the one below brought by my awesome classmate to be shared around, I would GLADLY eat it. But of course not the whole pack.

Self control is a must and it's so freaking hard not to eat them like popping M&Ms.

Besides chocolate, I also love anything red velvet although like my mum said, it's basically red colouring. Oh well. It is technically still chocolate, where cocoa powder is mixed with red colouring. 

Again since the colouring is not natural, can't eat it too often.

But chocolates can never be a once in a while treat. I must eat chocolate every week even in very small amounts like say, a small morsel. It makes all the unhappiness go away just for that one tiny moment.

Okay, now on to another part of the story. This sweet story of mine..heh...was also why we went to check out the new mall at Paya Lebar called One KM mall. Don't ask me why it's name as such unless they mean that it's one km from the Paya Lebar MRT station to the mall.

We actually wanted to check out Butter Studio but it turned out to be just a counter instead of a cafe setting. And they had little choices unless their yummy instagram photos. So I guess we still  have to make our way down to the cafe at Jalan Besar.

There was Delifrance though, and there's macaroons! It was so funny how we ordered it. Instead of ordering by the name, which they didn't label, I had to order by colour. I chose pink and purple. Oh, plus one Oreo cupcake which called out to me as well.

Again no, I don't have the luxury of eating it all by myself. I could in less than 5 minutes just like in the past when I was younger and chubbier but then again, control.

Before we left the mall, we took a picture of the Christmas tree outside, pretty much like every other mall. 

If you want to visit the mall, which has Uniqlo as their flagship store, there are many food establishments inside that are not your average fast food restaurants that you will be spoiled for choice. But if you think they are pretty pricey, nearby the mall is a food centre, where you get food spread from chicken rice, Indian mee goreng to satay. 

Head over to City Plaza, you can go to Arnold's Chicken which is way better than your average fast food fried chicken which I shall not name *cough* starts with K *cough* It's very crowded though so be prepared to wait or simply order a 'to go' and then let the people in the public transport get a whiff of your delicious fried chicken goodness.

One KM Mall is located 10 mins away from Paya Lebar MRT station.

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ArtScience Museum - Dream About Things That Never Were


This post is seriously overdue and I feel rather bad about it that I hadn't actually spend my time sitting down and blogging this out when I actually can. But from now onwards, I am determined to make it a point to do things right to give myself a peace of mind that everything will be in order; everything as in financially, in education, religion and etc if I bother to actually do something about it instead of worrying how each day is going to be.

It's not going to be an easy journey but I find that each step I take, no matter how small, is crucial to the life I have envisioned.

So this post is more than just a post. It is a post where I've taken those steps.

More than a month ago, on Deepavali, the ArtScience Museum held a free entry to their museum and my brother knowing that I thrive on free visits like these, we made plans to go there. But we actually rushed down (like we always do) and managed to get in.

It was interesting to see how art comes to live through digital media complete with sound effects by talented artists from China.  A country where there are millions of talented people, where the race for excellent results drive the students to almost the point of insanity drowning themselves in huge volumes of books because it was very competitive to get a place in their top universities.

Art still prevailed and it documented how competitive the students were in one of the photographs which included the artist herself. You can view the picture below and see what I mean about this so called race to the top.

We started our self guided tour to their permanent exhibition which highlighted inventions both in the past and present about what we could create where Art & Science combine. The creations may seem simple but the Science behind them explain that it's more than a creation. It's also life changing, earning them a place in history and also to other greater inventions on earth based on the concept of the genius in the earlier days.

So this is not your regular museum because it also challenges us on the possibilities of creating something that people think it's not possible, pretty much like the design of the museum itself. The exhibitions are seasonal but every one of them so far, have been interesting and very different. Do drop by if you can during the hols. To find out more, visit the ArtScience Museum website.

Oh, we were also supposed to go cheap for lunch and after our, or rather my reluctant trip to the Garden by the Bay (coz it involves walking...heh), we went to Doctor Cafe at City Link Mall because they were having an opening promo.

My review on it? They gotta work on their small and expensive cheesecakes that taste like you're eating whip cream. There was not a hint of cheese taste. The drinks were nice and while my brother thought that it would taste better with whip cream, I was saying, there you go, the cheesecake cum whipcream cake.

I guess they need to work on their recipes and hiring more people so that there would be less unhappy customers especially when their location is in a prime spot in the City area. It has potential and it offers a halal alternative to Coffee Bean for Muslim customers. 

Overall, I think we spent our time well on that day without spending much. Singapore may be an expensive city but if we can plan smart, we can go by on little money but still be able to enjoy a quiet evening and learn new things.

Enjoy the pictures below!

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Monday, November 24, 2014

Just Keep Moving

Just as I thought I had risen from my problems, I faced another similar setback and now, while I'm still sad about my current situation, I want to take it upon myself that I should do whatever it takes within my control, to make things better. This is because I realized that this is the only way to go if I ever want to get out of undesirable situations and as long as I do something, work at it, I'll get to reap the rewards in small doses.

When I look around me, I can't help but think how carefree their life is as they go about their own daily life. But if I were to take away the filter, back home they may have problems of their own and every single day poses a challenge to them. I choose to continue to pray to God to help me along as I go through the obstacles that I face in life, to give me the strength so that I am able to continue to be focused on what I want to achieve to make things better for me and my family.

How we choose to add value to our life depends on the meaning we give to it. If we perceive our life as being useless and pointless, then that's how it is going to be. If we know that things will get better, we consciously or unconsciously make big and small changes to gear our life towards something better. Of course people may argue how do we make things better if we're facing a certain life threatening illness where living becomes pointless already. 

We take it upon ourselves that no matter what happens, we must live to see another day to see our loved ones and every pain and suffering will be overcomed by our strong desire to live for them. At the very least, if things come to a downfall and there's nothing left that can be done, at least we know that we have tried our best and we leave it to fully treasure every single time we have with them.

But we don't have to wait for something truly major to happen before we start taking charge. It's going to be a long and tough journey at times but we just have to keep moving and do what we can to make things better. 

For now, I've experienced many times how my idea to just keep moving while doing something about it helps and I will continue to do so. Besides, thinking too much about my problems gives me an annoying headache which render me helpless as I couldn't do much but just want to rest and rid of my headache. By the next day or so, I'll feel nothing but guilt for not doing much and the whole pity game starts again. 

Let's just keep moving people, no matter what and remember, you're not alone in this journey.

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Sunday, November 02, 2014

Studying Resumed for Module 3. The Trials & Tribulation.

I've resumed studies just three weeks ago, and I'm happy to be going to school, sleeping during some parts of lecture (heh..) and writing furiously the model answers to one of the tutorials. Oh, and not forgetting number crunching for the accounting lecture and tutorial. I admit it's tough for me because I've a full time job which I quickly have to rush from to attend the classes and then be home at 11 plus after doing some grocering shopping for mum. Then I have to wake up one and a half hour to two hours earlier to fulfill my orders for my online shop and have to continue parts of it at work, without people noticing, especially my boss. 

But other people are also going through difficulties and they've come to this close giving up when they face with personal and family problems. For one of the students, she hasn't been coming to class for the last module, in the last two months of school including the presentation itself. Apparently the tutor called her and she was actually enjoying herself in Krabi. She made up her mind to give up already so she didn't bother coming for the presentation. 

Somehow, the tutor managed to talk her around and just ask her to simply come and present which she eventually did when she landed in Singapore and immediately and feverishly worked on preparing her presentation. So here she is, talking to us and telling us the 'miracle' of having to pass all the 3 modules including everyone's killer subject, the ECONOMICS. Yes, I need to emphasize that word, haha. She was so much in disbelief that she had to screenshot her results and showed her other friend to tell her in her face, that she had indeed passed.

In the process, we did lose a classmate who gave an excuse that his leg was hurting because he walks with a limp. But eventually, his real excuse was that he didn't want to continue as it got harder. My classmates who had been rallying him to continue eventually found their own reasons to not continue, for example the money issue and family problem.

However thankfully, they pulled through by paying the money for the next module to continue getting three more certs and the eventual diploma. For me, I have no reason to quit. Being a single income earner for the fam, and who barely have enough to scrap through to the next pay, money is probably my biggest issue. But thankfully, despite the rise in school fess, my financial situation qualifies me for the bursary to pay for them although even then, I had to fork out partially using my own money as I used part of it to cover the household expenses. 

In life, we have many setbacks. I used to think why can't I eat in family restaurants like these people anytime I wish or idle my time away on my iPad. To me, that's not important anymore. If I can afford to buy it, then it's good at least for the family restaurant part as it's nice to treat your family once in awhile. Other than that, material goods like the iPad, doesn't add value to my life. I don't' think I have any use for it. I would rather get a new laptop so that I can do my school work and run my online shop without having to share with my brother.

But investing in education, or any form of learning that add value to your life, is worth it. It's tough but then again, if it's too smooth sailing, then we won't be grateful for the certs that we get as we felt we didn't work hard enough for them.

If you're in a brink of quitting your studies or going through exams thinking why am I doing this to myself (like I did when I had my last exams in August), just think of it as sacrificing now for a better future. All the best!

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Saturday, November 01, 2014

Being Giving Even When You're Down & Out

 I've been talking about being in a difficult position in my last few posts but determined to get back on track. I take this opportunity of a new month to continue to be productive. and hoping things will get better.
But in the moment of hardship like this, it's not an excuse to stop helping people and being kind to others just because we think we ourselves need help. God bless kind people with abundance and even if that abundance is not of luxury standards, it is a means for us to continue to live and more importantly, be happy and healthy for ourselves and for our loved ones.

You've probably seen this video before but it wouldn't hurt to watch it again below. It shows you how mean people can be to other people with a simple request. But a homeless man who is going through a rough time and would probably hog the free pizza box all by himself because he can't afford the pizza, WILLINGLY shared it without any hesitation.

His kindness was paid in kind and he cried tears of joy that his one simple act give him abundance. It's not a thick wad of cash, a brand new iPhone or iPad. It's just a small token, which he didn't gleefully count, that will probably let him get by the next few days with food or even a pair of shoes because he's practically barefoot. 

Watch the video and be prepared to be touched by this kind homeless man who will make you re-think about how you view other people. If you've been treating people unkindly because you think they're beneath you, you'll never know when if one day, YOU will get into a situation where you need the help of others.

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