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Monday, February 01, 2016

The Future of Us Interactive Exhibition

A week ago, my brother and I went to the Future of Us interactive exhibit outside the Marina Bay MRT station towards the Gardens by the Bay which offered a glimpse of what our future would be based on the hopes and dreams of our Singaporeans. I thought it was creative the way they presented the video presentation in a dome like structure with the video itself being creative as well.

However, there weren't many stand out things within the video that caught my eye except for the self drive car and in the exhibits, where they showed how a hologram which can help to pre-determine the medical condition for accidents at home when help is rendered later on and how technology can help in our national defence although the use of technology is hardly new. But there's always room for improvement in everything.

Other than that, I like how the videos show diversity in terms of race and capabilities such as a wheel chair bound architect. I thought one of the cool interactive features they have is for us to write a wish on an ipad and that wish goes into the 'clouds' when we submit them.

This is unrelated to the exhibit but I came across a quote from a famous entrepreneur and to paraphrase it, our past does not determine our future. Like how people think that they can never go far in life based on their current life situation but think about how many people are successful and they came from either a broken or humble background that taught them the basics of surviving the sometimes cruel world to be in a successful place that they are right now. They refuse to accept that this is how is going to be for them in future and worked hard to step out of the zone to prove to themselves that they can make it far better than they are right now.

Here are some pictures that I took at the exhibition. That said, I think the most interesting part of the exhibit (or at least I thought it might be..haha..) is the row of swings outside the dome which I went swing-crazy, safely of course, and reminiscing about my childhood. And it's still fun..whee!!

The Future of Us exhibition is on until March and it's free entry. Google the exhibit and click on the link which takes you to a website that allows you to pre-book the tickets.

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Thursday, January 21, 2016

A for Effort

I was a bit crushed, okay..very crushed , when I realized that I got a C+ for my last test which I believed I studied very hard for it even though the exam questions were pretty tough but somehow 'answerable'. Everyone's like getting B, B+ and A even and yet, I got a C+ so it set me on a mission that I have to get at least a B for this subject, just as how I maintained my grades to be of either As or Bs even though during the tests I may not score as well (and one time, even failed a paper).

I would say that this time around, memory work is not enough. I need to learn to apply and even then, to apply the knowledge in the correct manner. Exams officially in less than a month and as much as I want to prep myself for it, I'm up for two projects, one individual and one group work. Hence, there is now a need for me to close both my online shops and to concentrate on what matters most at this point of time, which is my grades.

The previous afternoon, I came across this quote which resonated with me and which also explained why I'm up at 1 plus in the morning typing this blog post up. Earlier on, I was typing out two blog posts up on my business blog about my recent works to hopefully inspire people to make custom orders with me.

"The one requirement for success in our business lives is effort. Either you make the commitment to get results or you don't."

-Mark Cuban

This will also resonate with me across all aspects of my life. You want something, set goals and make effort to work towards it. Easier said than done but if you want to get to a point where you feel accomplished, you have to put in the effort by often questioning yourself, what effort must I put in to be at the healthy weight range, how much sales to make per week, how much money to put into savings per month and so on and so forth. After asking yourself, at the point of making the effort, and the going gets a little tough, tell yourself that THIS is what you want, which help you to re-focus because this is what you have to do to get what you want.

It's really easy to say that life is tough and there is no way you can save money, find love, get good grades for exam, if all you really do is to just to whine away and not put in any effort.

Therefore, I am going to put in effort for my studies and learn as much as I can the correct methods in answering the exam questions by applying what I learn and fine tune them to the case study questions. I am also going to make the effort to eat the right food and stay active that will help me lose weight or at least give me a leaner figure. I am also going to make the effort to wake up earlier in the morning to fulfill orders, bring in the money and stash some of them away towards buying myself a new laptop.

The list goes on and if we often think about the ways we can improve our lives and drive our efforts towards making these improvements, if God's willing, you will see the results :)

So if you have started on the wrong foot from the start of the year, let us make the next day a better one and take on a whole new different approach towards life for a better future.

All the best and give yourself an A for Effort!
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Monday, January 11, 2016

Welcoming in 2016..with Adam Lambert!

First post of the year, yay! I know it's very belated but I've been busy. However, you can have an assurance you will hear from me frequently from now on. 

We had a blast on the eve of New Year right to the point of welcoming in 2016 because we went to a Countdown! Yes there we were at the Countdown at 8 plus right after 12.30am in the morning and it was such a great welcome as we ushered in with about 10 minutes full display of the fireworks. 

Absolutely gorgeous. There were a number of paid events that we went to and this was one of them. My brother started working part-time last year and hence, he could afford to pay for them himself. And he also kinda 'forced' me to pay my own share for the sake of experience. So I have watched F1 Night Race followed by a two hour performance of Pharell Williams, the monumental Taylor Swift concert and now the Countdown. We may not get the best seat or the best performance but to be able to afford the most basic ticket price and yet, not feel fully left out when we attend the events as we still get a good view, they were definitely experiences worth remembering for the rest of our lives.

Oh yes, we decided to go to the Countdown because Adam Lambert was performing!!! Yay!! I admit that when we came to the show, it was quite a snoozefest especially when they interviewd this local Indie artiste and I didn't understand why on earth it took at least 6 minutes.She is a talented singer and songwriter but yah, kinda boring, oops.

The best part of the event? When people were starting to leave after the end of the freworks display, because of the bottleneck at all the exits, they announced that Adam Lambert was going to perform for another half an hour.

OMG!! I'm glad we stayed!

He was SO handsome, SO talented and SO funny. His performance was riveting from start to finish. Towards the end of the half hour special performance, he introduced his band mates and he made a joke about weather then. It had been raining for the last few days, including that night itself, where people were intermittently taking out their umbrellas to protect them from the rain. He was saying that Singapore is a clean city because every day it's showering. And he changed up the lyrics to his song If I Had If I had..Soap.

Hah, so funny!!

What a true artist, where I watched his humble beginnings at American Idol and was a fan of his from start to finish and he displayed great showmanship through and through.

Hope you had a good start to the year and to other people, it's just another brand new day but whether it's the near year or a new day, always strive to make it the best the damn day each and every day. To a better health, better finances, better every thing. It's simply a matter of how much we want it and asking ourselves how do we get from this point to that point instead of always telling ourselves that there's NO WAY we can do it. Even if you can't fully get there, at most you know that you have done your best instead of not taking action at all.

My wish this year is that I want to continue to do well financially and save even more than last year. I managed to save more than $2K after a total tally with my bonuses and the last maintenance allowance which was a surprise because I totally forgot that we would get some amount, if not the full amount. I am going to protect the savings and continue to save up even more this year starting from  my monthly salary. I've also started to track my income and expenses so that I know what goes in and out daily and where my money mostly go to so I can take control of my finances.

Other than that, I have also started tracking my sales and expenditure in running my online shop rather than just be a deer in the headlight.

Sadly, I'm two months away from ending my 2 and a half year course at Nanyang Poly and after which, I would hopefully graduate with a Diploma in my hands. And a $1K cash reward, heh.

It has been a roller coaster ride and now it's the most critical point as we are back to back with tests and projects, after which is the final exams. I don't know what comes after this but I do want to continue my education somewhere in the future.

I guess that leaves me open to learn driving this year after graduation..*gulps*

Enjoy the pictures below!

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Monday, December 21, 2015

Learning to be More Tactful

In life, many of us have good intentions or at least we THINK we have good intentions when we decide to give advice to people who are struggling or need somebody else to tell them things they can't really see in moments of frustration or despair.

Alas, this is not always the case.

There are people who just want to let their problems be known to you but don't need to be told what to do because it's easier said than done. Of course in a way, we think that we are helping them with our suggestions but they may have tried and it hasn't been successful or they just think it's not really possible.

I think that it's best to keep an open mind. Everyone has problems, big or small, and it's a matter of how you face them upfront and learn to deal with them in ways that we can. But being bogged down with too many problems, our mind can get rather clustered with so many thoughts it's understandably hard to think through.

Yet, it's also best for us to put ourselves in their shoes and see it from their perspective. I've made a mistake and even though there were some things that I don't regret saying, I wished I could have been more tactful. When I tried to turn around and made it feel like I was the one facing these problems, I would feel upset with the comments too.

 I still think that I've not said much things that are offensive but you know there are times, people just don't want to listen and they simply want quick solutions and whether you're in it with them or not. The rest, they are not interested. I feel like that they should dig deeper and not rely on these quick fixes but you know, saying nothing is better than saying something for some people.

Because of this, I feel like I'm no longer compelled to say things to them unless they want to. Believe me, I have problems too, go through financial difficulties and so I can somewhat be more sympathetic towards them. However, I do not want to remain in such difficulties and I want them to pull through them like how I am slowly turning my life around but alas, for some people it's not as easy as it seems it is.

Therefore from now on, I shall learn to be more tactful if I feel like I still am lacking in this :(

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Sunday, December 20, 2015

My First Ever Trip to Batam, Indonesia


I am back!! I've never seen so busy during the Christmas period running my online shop, on top of juggling with my studies because apparently, they want us to sit for two tests just before they let us go for our two week break. But in between, I managed a very quick getaway, well technically, it was with my colleagues for our annual staff retreat. This time, I ventured to somewhere that is not in Malaysia. 

I went to Batam. I know you're thinking like almost every Singaporean shopping kaki has gone there but you see, I lead a protected life under the care of my mother who watches the news and get the impression that we live in a very dangerous world. Actually, she's partly right but we just need to be more vigilant. So you can imagine I faced such great resistance but somehow, she managed to come around it and let me go, provided I stay within the company of people, and not venture out myself. Like I would coz I'm a scaredy cat myself.

Again, it made me feel glad that I was born and bred in Singapore, no matter how much complains we have and stuffs, there are just some things we are light years ahead being a small yet efficient country. 

Food wise, the seafood dinner was okay but I didn't like the lunch at all. It was tasteless and when we walked by the kitchen as the toilets were nearby, it was filthy. Speaking of filthy, do you know how they discard the remaining food? We were actually in the middle of a man made lake in a hut so we are surrounded by water, and apparent HUGE fishes. Because they simply discarded those food, bones and all, right into the water and then gobbled immediately by those fishes. It was shocking, coz firstly due to the sizes, and then secondly, it wasn't very nice and unhygienic. Also, those food were not meant for fish.

I didn't buy many things although we did buy the kuih lapis, which was a layered cake, and very popular in Batam and after buying them, I realized why. It was cheaper and much softer and tastier.

Other than that, I spent my hotel night studying although I end up falling asleep because I was so tired from all the walking. I had to forgo the karaoke session held in the late evening in the hotel because I had to catch up with all my notes which I had brought along during the trip.

Whichever travel destination I go to, is surely an eye opener from the people, culture and everything else. Hence, I urge you to go beyond your country and see what the world has to offer. 

And of course, be safe.

Enjoy the pics below!


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