When Colleagues Talk Behind Your Back

I haven't had a good start to March and it became an issue because I feel that I'm not doing my best. Yes we all have our moments and as much as we try to make it right or make it better, it cannot be 100 per cent perfect. And this leads me to think that I'm simply not good enough.

We are not perfect and we make mistakes. Unfortunately, all the effort we put in get swept aside because of this one mistake we made that automatically make people think we are not good enough. And while I don't ask for appreciation, it upsets me to know that the person I was covering for due to her medical condition, added fuel to the fire by saying to another colleague, oh I don't like to receive instructions, as though implying that it could have caused the mistake.

First of all, I thank God that this other colleague spoke to me about what had been said about me. Yes I was upset thinking about how they could say such things. But this colleague, who was the one receiving the 'info…

Rediscovering Writing & Cutting Down My Reliance On Social Media

I started writing again in my journal when I came across an old notebook where I did some creative writing and then reminisce about the time I didn't have any internet at home. I didn't even have a computer. At some point, I did have and back then was the dial up internet, lol. But it was still a form of entertainment, at a much slower speed, haha.

Anyway, I was also thinking how simpler life was back then and how less dependent we were on our phones and the internet. So I relied on writing and there was no online journal so I wrote inside my notebooks. Honestly it was quite embarrassing reading through them but these pages shaped my world back then.  I stopped writing for quite a while this year because I didn't feel like it. It's also as though I'm repeating myself. I would say that I promise to do this or that but never seem to come around and do something progressive. I feel as though I reset my life so many times without any much progress. So perhaps I would ta…

Being Upset Over Being Taken Advantage Of

Yesterday, I was ranting away to my brother, no less..haha, because I just don't understand how some people have the ability to use other people to be at their beck and call. I've had two such encounters and even though I tried to be flexible but people took it as an advantage. Sometimes I would think don't they try to put themselves in that person's shoes and see how much trouble they have caused. It doesn't mean I'm all nice about it you just keep taking one step further and further.

I run this online shop and while I try to be civil and also nice, I do have limitations. I think this is pretty normal if you're a human being. In the social media recently, there were encounters where restaurants were given really poor reviews based on how the customers were treated. But usually, it was one sided and the restaurant management would try to explain away and then things would get to a nasty start if the management claimed that they had been put in a different li…

Imagining My Life to be Different

Last Saturday, I was imagining a little on how different my life would be if certain things didn't happen to me, reciprocated on a potential love interest or making certain decisions. Many people believe that our life story has been pretty much been written in our fate and that we're just acting it out, whether we like it or not.

But that aside, I want to take a moment on imagining how I would be different. Perhaps, I would have gotten married if I had not built it early in me many many years ago that I do not want to be tied down to a marriage. Or perhaps, I wasn't so choosy in the guys who wanted to get to know me and that I shed all my inhibitions and just you know, 'go for it'. Then I sheepishly think oh, I probably will get married and have at least 3 children, haha.

I don't see anything wrong with being married, having kids and so on. It's just a natural transition to have your own family when you're an adult and earning income, whether working for …

A Trip Down to Light to Night Festival 2018 : Civic District

Last week, my brother and I went to an outdoor event called the Light to Night Festival 2018 at the Civic District area. So it turned into a host of colours in various parts of the Civic District attracting crowds, both local and foreign. Nearby, there was a line up of stalls selling various food and trinkets and even though the entrance was quite muddy due to a slight rain and foot traffic. 
The National Gallery transformed into a kaleidoscope of colours and it was also an interactive event as visitors could stomp on these special platforms that would supposedly light up the colours. I liked watching the colours change on the building facade but I liked it more when you could see the light in different depth creating 3D effects which I didn't see in these light exhibitions. But I guess the emphasis was more on colours so I can't complain much, haha.
Further down, there were several other buildings as well and they too transformed into these colourful blocks such as the Old Parl…

Being Upset Over A Picture

Sometimes I feel that we get carried away emotionally because of what people say to us or how we see ourselves and then we get disappointed as though we feel like we have failed ourselves. But truth is, we only have one heart and one body. People can also say ANYTHING they want because some are just so salty AF or some think they are giving us the best advice, but ultimately it is up to us to decide what we should follow and what we should not.
A couple of weeks ago, I met up with my ex classmates and I actually felt really good like because the clothes fit me well and I thought that even if the scale said otherwise, physically I feel fine. Until I see the picture the restaurant took of us and then I felt completely down as though I let myself down. 
You know from my previous posts that I wrote about me trying out different forms of fitness workouts and having fun while at it, though sometimes I feel like dying as well when it got pretty tough. Bottom line is, I do it to be fit and heal…

Am I Worthy to Be Noticed?

Recently a guy I used to admire at the gym, who is sorta like a combination of geek + muscles, made a reappearance after a long while early this year. I was really surprised when I saw him because it had been a few months? I don't know..I don't really keep track but it seemed pretty long to me. When I turned my head and saw him in his familiar tall and slightly hunched walk, I was like..'he's back!!!!' in my heart of course, can't say it out loud explicitly.

I guess he noticed me as well. I mean I could be a familiar face since I go there every Sunday for years, though the timing started getting later and later. But oh well, at least I still go, haha. Seriously, he still looks that good, without missing a beat, and if I were to skip gym few months, I shudder at the thought. It's not that I am fit right now but let's say, I would be worse off than I am right now.

But this time he didn't seem to have his 'kakis' or people who know him because he…