End of First Week of the Year, Hurtful Comments & Having A Family

So we have officially gone into the first week of the new year, yay! I hope it's been alright for you. I didn't do much on New Year's Day itself but I did earn $40 from a customer which of course, I was so happy about because it was my first earnings. It sorta kickstarted my humble online business on the right foot. Also, even though initially I didn't get any orders yet for the year but slowly it trickled in and then I am going to be busy again, in a good way. 

While we are rejoicing in what the year has in store for us, unfortunately, not all have a pleasant kickstart into the new year. A family of four passed away this early week from a horrific accident which occurred in Malaysia when a truck hit their car when it was stationary when the truck driver lost control of its vehicle coming down the slope. The couple left behind two other older children and I can't imagine the anguish they have to go through losing their family members. May God bless their souls and g…

Ringing in 2018 in the Rain

We rang in 2018 with umbrellas in hand and the rain getting heavier as the midnight was fast approaching. For about two hours we were watching, we were engrossed in watching the free movie screening of Wonder Woman. Yes, in the rain as well. At first it was pretty bearable and there were people sitting at the lawn with makeshift picnic mats but the rain soon turned to a downpour and they were forced to leave. Well except these two girls who were sitting on leg less chairs propped up on a mat and sheltering themselves with umbrellas. Behind us was the fountain and they were still people sitting on the ledge in the rain. We were sitting on the small steps, not wanting to move despite the heavy rain as we thought we got the perfect spot to watch the fireworks later without the crowds. 

I think everybody wanted to know how the movie ended, lol. 
Before that we were watching a group of people exercising to Kickboxing in front of the National Gallery. It was fun looking at them though I did w…

Summer Romance

He laid down in the glistening sun
Eyes shut and lips slightly open
The slight breeze blowing his wispy fringe
Suddenly I see him as the most beautiful thing ever
sculpted to perfection
Every ridges and curves
How I longed to run my fingers through those hair and along the 
streamline of his body
As I ran my finger from the top of his head
Gently caressing the smoothness of his baby face
His keen senses came alive
As he became acutely aware of my touch
He got up to receive me with his kiss
Which I promptly responded in the same manner
Carefully & delicately
How I longed to let the kiss linger on and on
But I gently pushed him away
As I did not wish to disappoint him
that this wasn't forever
Sooner I had to let him go
For this was just a summer romance
And the summer was coming to an end so soon
He did not take it well nor did I 
But I had to, my love
I had to.

We soon grew apart
But the longing grew significantly harder to bear
Some nights I couldn't sleep
Thinking if you couldn't sleep either
I d…

Annual Dinner at Seoul Garden & Christmas Walkabout 2017

Last week, my brother and I went for our annual dinner at Seoul Garden. We started this tradition some 5 years ago, or even more..can't remember, where we both enjoyed sumptuous buffet spread of marinated meat, seafood, cooked finger foods, desserts and of course, ice cream. Each table had a grill and soup warmer so I was tasked, what was new, to grill the meat. I'm no cook but this made me feel like I was one, hehe. My brother went a little cray cray with the fried chicken drumlets because it was delish. Plus he didn't have to wait for long since he was already hungry.

We didn't take the seafood, though previous years, I did take prawns and we certainly didn't take the fish, lol. We were not fans but we went multiple rounds to take the meat, mostly chicken meat, marinated in different sauces. My brother had a little disaster with scrambled eggs when he tried to pour it over the grill and then the liquid seeped through the holes of the grill to under its metal plate…

Mystery of Love

I've been a little obsessed watching clips after clips on youtube on the movie Call Me By Your Name. I don't think I would get a chance to watch it in whole in the movie theatres here in conservative Singapore because well, there is gay and sexual content.

The movie premise was set in the early 1980s taking place one Italian summer. A tall and handsome American graduate named Oliver, and in his early twenties, had come to the Italian villa of his professor as an intern for his research projects for 6 weeks. It was also during this vacation that he had also developed a short but memorable summer love between him and the teenage son of the professor, a book lover & music prodigy.

He was the object of desire of many young women in the Italian village, including Elio, who had to vacate his bedroom as he always did every summer, whenever his father had an intern coming over. While Elio did not show his desire for Oliver immediately, having a French girlfriend himself, he slowly d…

Sentosa Pop Up Night 2017

A few weeks ago, just mere days after I got so bogged down with high fever (the agony..) I got slightly better. Believe me, when the fever goes away, life takes on a different refreshed meaning, although initially it was hard taking those few steps into the public. And then life goes on as usual, like going to Sentosa. 

Currently they have an event going on called Pop Up Night at Imbiah Lookout and Merlion Plaza. Basically, it's a series of exhibits that are neon coloured which of course made some cool looking instagram worthy photos. I rode on one stationery bicycle which would light up when you cycle fast a point you get a little tired, especially when you just recovered from fever. But honestly it was fun. 

When we arrived, it was actually drizzling but we continued on since we had already come so far, with my brother complaining that we could have arrived earlier, if the bus wasn't late and we had to detour to take the train. Anyway, for awhile, he stopped compla…

It's B-B-Bonus Time!!!

I am always excited when it comes to the December payday because it's when I would get the bonus. And it's also exciting because this year's bonus is one of the highest for the government sector over the years. Usually their excuse is that the economy isn't doing so well or is just picking up..but this time, the economy is doing well! Yay! 

I don't exactly know what it means and how they analyse the economy because I is no economist. But whoever you are, thank you :)

I tried to make a list of things to buy but I didn't manage to get all on the list. Not because I can' get it, okay maybe one of's just that I felt that the things I bought, were a replacement of things that had finished or needed to be replaced, like a new foundation, new make up brushes and a new wallet. Yes, wallet. My wallet has seen better days, lol. I didn't buy that wallet anyway. In fact, I have not bought a wallet for some time because they were usually gifts. I used to …

Getting Over Fever, Fitness Update & Happy December!!

Can you believe it, that we are now in the very last month of 2017?!!! What have you achieved so far? This year, I got a new posting and into fitness now ever since I found out from my friend about these free fitness classes by HPB in collaboration with various organisations. While time is an issue for me since I end work at 6pm, I'm glad that at the very least, there are at least 2 places that I can go nearby my workplace and be there on time. The furthest I go to is the Plaza Singapura at Dhoby Ghaut and even though I enjoy the work out there because I sweat like there's no tomorrow, the popularity of it is getting overwhelming. So much so, since I can only reach there almost to the starting time, the space is getting more squeezy and then there are those annoying people who just need so much space to do *rolls eyes* So that is a bummer for me, at least recently. 

Anyway, while I feel that I still need to do something about my choice of food at times, lol..I enjoy these fitne…