My Predicament in Dealing with People Lacking in Integrity

This week, I have been peeved with people with a lack of integrity or basically taking things for granted, as though I have so much free time for them to anyhow just go MIA on me when we were supposed to meet to collect the things I had made for them. I also have to deal with a girl who, up to this point where I am writing this post, has not made any payment to me and keep claiming she forgot to pay. It's clear that she had received the good and she herself said so but I am predicting she has no intention of paying at all.

I don't wish to chase anymore and yes, it is yet another loss for me. My friend did say business is business. But I'm going to get the same answer again from her so I just leave it as that and just move on. I only hope that she will bear the guilt of taking something without paying and in an unfortunate event due to karma, she will also lose some money. Yes I know I sound like I'm cursing her but I'm not. Some people need to learn hard lessons so …

Birthday Gathering & House Hunting

Last week, I celebrated a friend of mine's belated birthday together with another friend at her condo. Sadly, this would be the last time we would hold the celebration at her place because she has finally managed to sell off her condo unit after one year of looking for a buyer.

Mostly we used the swimming pool facilities although the two of us didn't swim at all but just chill under the shade. We brought home cooked food and I really appreciated my friend for doing this for us, thinking about how the young son of a friend of us would love the swimming pool for kids. She is so selfless and kind to her friends and I'm truly blessed to have her in my life. 

While one was selling off the house, the other friend was on the verge of getting a dream house for herself and her young son. In life, we have many priorities and things to look forward to. Each of our dreams and aspirations are different from one another, like for me, getting a house is not a priority at the moment. 

At tim…

Singapore Night Festival 2017

Recently we went to the annual Night Festival, held between the time of 7.30pm to 12am. It was the last day which was also a Saturday so it was very packed. But we didn't cross over to the National Museum and watched it across the road which we were still able to see clearly. The facade of the building transformed into a projection show and it was very interesting, one of the best that I had seen. I liked how the series of projection would then 'break down' into a gazillion pieces. You can see what I mean in the photos below.

After the show ended, we walked across the lawn to the SMU campus where there were many stalls selling food and some had snaking queues. These were sponsored by Apply Pay and the patrons even had the option to pay using Apply Pay through the express lanes. We didn't buy any because normally they would be quite ex. But I was quite pleased there were 2, I think, food stalls selling halal food, so it would also cater to the Muslim patrons, compared to…

When Your Heart Belongs to Someone

So the Shadowhunters series ended its Season 2 run two weeks ago, and our favourite Malec couple got back together. It was a pretty quick make up but it still underlined the fact despite their different backgrounds, different allegiance, they realise they can't do without each other. All together now, aww....

The make up part, as mentioned was pretty quick, like people expected them to talk it out, but you know...this was the season finale and they had heavier scenes to focus on, such as the calling of the Angel using the Mortal Instruments, the death of Jace and the killing of Valentine; also the betrayal of the Saelie Queen who had capture Maya the Werewolf when Simon the Vampire refused her offer of help. So you tell me, how much can you squeeze in a 40 minute show. But anyway, the point was that they got back together and they have the whole of Season 3 later to talk it out, mentioned by many of the diehard Malec fans too.

But the break up scene was still the best, full …

Our Trip to the Civic District Outdoor Festival 2017

Few weeks ago, I went to the Civic District Outdoor Festival organised by the Singapore National Gallery with my younger brother. Honestly, I'm mostly under the rock about such events, haha. So I have to rely on my bro to know about the going-ons of these mostly free events. 

So we had the projection done on the facade of the National Gallery. I don't have a picture of the short animated film but below, you can see how it looked like. It's basically a projection that played with lights in different colours, heights and so on..making use of the ridges of the building facade. Honestly, I still think the best one I saw was years ago at the Singapore Art Museum. It really felt like the pillars were animated or moving. Now, it just looks like a huge projection screen, lol.

But of course, I'm no animator or light expert, haha..and I know these things are really expensive and really hard to make. So I would usually bother to stay and watch until the end..lost..but nevertheless,…

My Strong by Zumba Routine & The Fight Against Diabetes

I've talked about Strong by Zumba workouts before. Nowadays I can do a Strong by Zumba workout without feeling like dying midway, lols. Those jumping jacks, burpees, push ups..*groans* but now they're awesome (ok, not so much the push ups) because after that, you feel so good, provided you follow through the movements and push the tiredness away. In between, there will be mini breaks so you recharge a bit before going into full swing again. Yesterday, for the first friend joined in because her yoga class was not organised due to not able to secure the venue. So yay, company for two weeks!

So now I have also been working out at home last couple of weeks by watching a few Strong by Zumba related videos. They can't post the whole thing but there are definitely videos that can make you work out bucket loads of sweat. So if you're shy but still want to work out, home workouts are actually good for you too in the privacy of your home.

Of course you can still consider …

Indie Music that Brought Out the Feels in You

I am still not over the power couple on Shadowhunters separating but well, they will eventually get back together. I just know it. Anyway, I shall not be too obsessed over it. I just loved how they tied the memories back to the present times in through flashbacks. We were given the summary how Alec, the always uptight one, began to slowly open up his heart to Magnus even though he was still wary and unsure, and eventually giving in to his feelings on his wedding day no less, despite their different backgrounds. Also, the flashbacks would also make you realise how they were just meant to be with each other like soul mates :) That's why we were not happy with the break up, though it was necessary at that point of time.

I mean come on, who wouldn't be attracted to the charming and powerful warlock. And then pair him with a pretty face....argh, come on! Alec had also received backlash from his mum but he had always stood firm against her. She eventually realised came to accept that…

When You Have to Make Difficult Decisions

Disclaimer: This is a written piece about the relationship of Magnus and Alec aka Malec in Shadowhunters Season 2B Episode 18. If you wish to read, please continue :)

So my heart just broke a million pieces today. I had been looking forward to the last few episodes of the Shadowhunters, and more so for today, because of the Malec heavy scenes. Unfortunately, my heart became heavy as well when I tuned in to Youtube for updates and the second update was about...their breakup..NOOOooOO!!

Technically, we are not too sure if they have broken up because the words were not uttered. Thanks to the manipulative nature of the Seelie Queen 😒, Magnus had to make the difficult decision over his love for a Shadowhunter because now it concerns his people, the group of Downworlders, who over centuries, could not get along with the Shadowhunters and especially the Clave, which is the like the government of the Shadowhunters. Because of a certain mortal instrument, they are now more at loggerheads espe…