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Sunday, July 20, 2014

All the Sadness Around Us

There's so much depression going on around the world but it's not our right to determine which is worse off. What can be compared when the bottom line is that many innocent lives are lost out of green and power. One minute you're just playing on the beach or listening to the music in the plane, and then next're gone.

Despite the catastrophes that are happening around us, many are still spreading hate around like as though we don't need enough hate already. We can say that we're lucky we're not in a war zone country but who are we to say that we are lucky or even safe. Many also still choose to turn a blind eye over the things that are happening around them because they're not affected. Who would expect the Malaysians from our neighbouring country, to lose their lives travelling above a war zone area declared as 'safe' for travelling. When I first heard the news on facebook merely lesss than an hour after the disaster, I was in disbelief. I was thinking this must be a hoax. How can a land missile just shoot a plane carrying civilians in the sky just like that.

When I checked the television, it was breaking news but the news were so new that they were probably scrambling behind the scenes before they cover the media. 

What is even sadder when I read comments and there are still people who don't seem to understand the seriousness of what is going on around the world, choosing to be some kind of keyboard warriors. We need to start opening our eyes and imagining what if this happen to our loved ones. It's time for us to take stock of what we have and how thankful we are that we are not caught in those war zone countries where every day to live is a blessing. And how we're not on their plane. While anything can happen, it's not up to us to judge which event is more serious. Just think about  the innocent lives lost and dreams are broken, and how they are just like you and me but caught in an undesirable situation.

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Sunday, July 06, 2014

1st Week of Ramadhan 2014 & 1st Iftar with Classmates

Today marked the second week of the Ramadhan week where the majority of Muslim people fast for one month, prior to the celebration of Hari Raya. This month is rather different because it's the first time I actually spend my time at school when breaking fast. But the school was kind enough to remind the lecturers to give us time to break fast just about 15 minutes prior to coming to class as the class starts at 7pm.

The first day went alright but on the second day, I was hit by quite a bad headache and although I could still function as normal, the headache was annoying. When I got back home from school about 11 plus at night, I ate some food and then quickly took a nap. The second day it got better and I just a slight headache but it was fine. Now I'm okay. So much so, I can stand for one and half hour for cupcakes..sigh..go figure. I learn to NOT go to the cakeshop during the fasting month, haha. It's really terrible! The queue was one thing, but the volume of cupcakes they bought, my goodness. Never ever! haha..

Oh yes, I also had my first iftar (break fast meal) with my classmates :)

They're a really friendly and helpful bunch and I'm glad to be their classmates. Thank God for them.

So now after writing this post, will be going out to buy some cookies for my aunt and maybe one or two bottles for ourselves. 

If you're a fellow Muslim, have a good Ramadhan.

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My Second Promotion Ceremony!

It was such great news when I went to office and then my colleague and my manager was all like so excited and I hadn't even time to put down the bag and they asked me to go over to them.

I couldn't believe my ears when I got news that I would be promoted..again! I've talked about this in my previous post so this is a follow up posts with some pictures during the ceremony.

So happy! Will continue to work hard..and hopefully get less earful from my manager too, haha.

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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Making Hard & Unconventional Decisions

What happens when you have to make unpopular decisions, that many people will disagree but you felt like it's the best decision for you. Often, you will come across such crossroads and then you have to weigh against what your heart desires and what other people think.

Many successful entrepreneurs or individuals have made unpopular decisions even under the tightest circumstances that they are under. When they think that this is the end, they can't go further than this, but with unwavering support, grit and determination, the impossible can turn into a possible.

I believe there are roadblocks in every pathway we choose. I never thought I would continue my studies but I did and even though my last result was dismal, I don't want to make it like it's the end. It may not be a degree but I'm hoping that with this diploma, I may be in better places that will eventually make me realize my dream of having a degree, no matter what age I am. There are those who quit their jobs, to go into studies full time, even though they have to put their marriage plans on hold. However, they didn't stop there. They took on freelancing jobs to get it going because there is no way you can survive here in Singapore without some form of income. I don't wish to struggle all the time, hence I work hard to ensure money comes in every week, in bits and pieces, no less...but I'm hoping in the near future, it will be much more than now. For now, I just have to keep at it and work harder.

I've come across decisions made which I felt strongly disagreeable because based on experience, and the person's situation, this will be very very tough. But what I hate to be is someone who puts a stop to something that may turn out to be better. We may be adults but sometimes, we do make decisions that are too emotional and without much thought.We may beg and plead for the person to change the mind, if they've made up their mind, there is little we can do except to just be there when things don't turn out as planned. 

If you have made decisions or are making big decisions in life right now, please breathe and I know sometimes we just don't want to listen to other people for fear that we get sidetracked. But do listen and make decisions from there. It's always good to hear from all points of view and from angles that we never thought about. The road we pave may not be the conventional one but if we can overcome the obstacles, without too much trouble on others, then we're truly on the road to discovery to perhaps something better.

All the best!


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My Second Malacca Trip (06 to 07 June 2014)

I had the chance to visit Malacca again and this time, I actually got to get down and see for myself the famous 'red' landmarks and even visited the Peranakan Museum owned by a wealthy Peranakan family. Well, it was also my first company trip where I actually had to pay half of the amount which is bummer for me but it's er..reasonably priced..just treat it as a mini holiday. I have to work harder now just to recoup back the money, haha. But yes, you will probably argue that the experience of learning and being immersed in the culture from another country is priceless.

There are some things that I, unfortunately, can't eat like their famous bowl of Chendol which my VP raved about because they were simply good and most importantly, authentic with its 'gula melaka' goodness. So much so, they ate it for the second time, thanks to him...when we went back to the Jongker street at night, to experience the night market, and boy was it SUPER THE CROWDED. It's amazing how I managed to find my way out, haha. Though I didn't eat the must be delicious chendol, I had ice kachang instead. I preferred the original version than the mango ice kachang. The latter was a tad bit too sweet. 

The tour we had at the Peranakan Museum offered us a glimpse on how they used to live in the past with their super strict culture and how they ostracized the single women and delegating the women to home stay and duties, not allowing them to work. Hrm..we should be lucky that we are allowed to be more independent now than in the past although in some cultures, women are still treated as second class citizens.

Oh, just a tiny discovery we made about the tour guide. She moonlights as one of the street hawkers just outside the Peranakan Museum at night! So she was right in saying that now, women have to work unlike in the past generations to bring in money. Talk about working tirelessly.

While this was not part of the learning journey, we actually had lunch at two different golf courses and they were huge with such beautiful sceneries. Can't help but take selfies, and eventually, a group photo together. After a long while too, I stayed at the hotel for one night with my colleague and except for a few silly mishaps (like me wetting the dry toilet thanks to the leaking pipe) and a slight argument and unhappiness about the hotel rooms. My kind room mate who was also the organiser, had kindly offered to exchange our room with another pair who was simply unhappy that they had to get the room with no windows, aka, no view. While that was kind of a bummer, I'm just happy to get a room. See, how easy to please me, like as if I get the chance to stay at a hotel every other day. I understand their unhappiness and how they were forced to agree that it was a non-issue. 

However, I did get some view eventually in the next morning when we went room venturing to our other colleagues' room, which I agree, were far bigger than us. The only difference was that I couldn't tell between the day and night when there is no window, haha.

I think my only grouch (besides the room with no view) was that how I had to queue for quite awhile on the second day at Aeon, which is a pretty big shopping mall, to get my stuffs, eventually missing out on the more important shopping such as for clothes. I didn't believe I queued that long for a piece of pretzel, should have just walked away and proceeded to the department store instead. It was a public holiday for them as it was the King's birthday, plus it was Saturday. But still, angry with myself for spending unneccesary queueing time at a queue which moved ever so slowly. I didn't understand how only one person managed the counter while one was just arranging the pretzels and the other one was moping the very small area of space for a long time. Talk about inefficiency and the couple behind just can't stop yakking about how these girls were inefficient.

Oh well..

Other than that, please enjoy the pictures!

The big ship outside the Maritime Museum

Mango Ice Kachang

My morning breakfast! yumz..

View from the restaurant

Pool view

Room selfie

Interior of the hotel

Beautiful view at the golf course course selfie?

with my travel companion and unofficial photographer

sitting among the famous red landmarks

original ice kachang with thick gula melaka syrup

bookmark as souvenir from the museum

vising the bees museum..their toys on sale

meet my new friend!

view from another golf course

yet another golf course selfie

the 'famous' room with no view

view from another hotel room

gorgeous scenery!

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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Depressing Marks & A Wake Up Call

What if life gives you a wake up call making you think harder and reflect on what you have been doing so far. Just when you thought you have everything under control and then wham! You hit a brick wall.

That is what's going with me right now, when I got the results of my last paper. I couldn't even bear to write the name of the subject here coz it's that depressing. Eurgh. I guess I was looking at the questions from a different angle and failed to answer them point blank with theories that will give me the marks for the key points.

I don't know why I looked at that angle. I guess I was used to such questions asking in such manner, though that was years and years back. 

But the underlying problem is also because I guess I didn't put too much effort into them. I don't have the quick understanding of most people in the class. That is why I MUST spend more time with the books and understanding and grasping their concepts so that I can so called sail through the questions.

I spent too much time on running my online shop. This is certainly not like the previous module where I could study last minute and still manage to scrap through especially for the business IT which drove me nuts during the lessons for not being able to figure out. I had to sit down, read, understand and practice because I couldn't afford to fail the subject. 

The current subjects are heavy with information. I also have two projects to do. 

I promise this will be the lowest mark ever obtained by me throughout the course.

No point looking back. It's time to move forward and get those lost marks back through the projects.

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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

My Brother Turned 19!!

Somebody turned 19 recently last month! Time has passed by so fat. I remembered how fat and chubby he was when he was a baby that carrying him wasn't my favourite because he was so heavy. However, I loved playing with him, hearing him chuckle was one of my favourites (besides turning him over).

But now this boy is almost at the end of his teenage hood. So far, I appreciate his presence, his sometimes emo-ness like any typical teenager, his warmth with his friends and the people he meet, unlike the rather cold and quiet me, and he is adventurous in his own ways, as long as they don't involve high risks, haha.

So far ( far), he has been a good boy, good in saving his money instead of carelessly spending his money away, and he's really fuss free but like any other teenagers his age, he does have his fussy moments with food, in particular our own traditional food. Oh, and chilli sauce. He just hates it so much. 

I wish I could provide more for this boy because being a sole breadwinner, earning this much of money only for our family of three, there's only so much I can do. But he doesn't always complain although once in awhile, he does have his grouches, which I don't blame him for. While it's comfortable staying here, I must admit the cost of living here is really high. However, hope he knows I try my best each and every day to put food on our table.

Once again,


(hope he reads this..haha)

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