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Sunday, August 02, 2015

Happy 1st August (For 2015) & Working with the Best Team

I've been so busy last month, it's so unbelievable! My life has never been so tortured with so many projects and tests within a month, lol. I still have one more project and two weeks later, a major exam. I actually haven't start yet with the project, and here I am typing away, haha. 

Last Thurday's project was a group work and I am so SO happy my team treats this so seriously, despite each one of us having family and work commitments. They were also so hardworking in doing research and I must say, they did a very good and thorough job. I didn't do so thorough as them as I am also managing my shop's order but I try my best to do whatever I can, such as waking up early to do some research, type out key phrases and sentences from the book, editing other member's works, getting together to finalize the report (until 11pm mind you, in school) and finally, understanding the notes for the presentation the following day.

Overall, I was happy with our project and while I did fumbled a bit on one part, I think overall, we did very well, which our lecturer ( who is super awesome) also commended and we were so ecstatic over it. Of course, each one of us would also be individually graded but I hope I don't get a C overall, knowing how badly I did for the test although he was kind enough to let all of us pass for the test as long as we wrote something. Now you tell me, which lecturer would be so kind until like that? Ultimately, they want us to pass as it's not easy juggling work and school but they would also want US to put in effort rather than taking it nonchalantly.

Anyway, here are some pictures from our very hardworking moments, lol! But we were serious about our work and you could see our cramped faces from one of the pictures. The best picture is of course,the one with our lecturer who, in his own words, couldn't be happier to take a photo with us. Awwww....

I hope, that if ever there is another group project for our next semester, I get to work with this super awesome team again. 

As for now, I will continue to work hard in all aspects of my life because only we are responsible for the success that we bring in our life. I came across this saying that we don't live once, we live every day but we die once. Aim to live each day to the best that we can and not just to focus on getting from point A to point B. Make time for improvements in our life, whether it's small or big, start saving for the future starting with any amount and accumulate from there, aim to do at least one kind act each day and also aim to spend more time with our friends and family no matter how busy we can get sometimes. 

Let us look forward to future endeavours that we will be proud of and if it's going to make a difference in our lives, have a leap of faith and just do what it takes and work hard towards any goal in life.

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Friday, July 17, 2015

Busy Busy, Barely Hanging & A Miracle on Hari Raya Eve

 I really needed this long break coz I've been slapped with so much things do, and often feeling the guilt of sleeping in a little longer to rest my tiredness. I had orders coming in left and right, and almost every week, I'm down with preparations for either a class test or a project. Though the nightmare isn't over yet, I watched a video recently about how we can overcome the feeling of being overwhelmed when we have them written down what need to be done and giving ourselves an estimated time on how long it takes to complete it. Of course, not everything will be smooth sailing and just now when my classmate asked about how to upload a file for an assignment, I just remembered that it was due...TODAY.

Argh! * pulls hair*

Anyway, I've done it and according to my schedule, I should be updating this blog, haha. I may not always be here but I will certainly update it as and when I feel like I want to talk about things that are in my heart. I felt a tinge of sadness when I thought I had failed my recent class test while everybody was scoring pretty well. Brought me to the days when I had my first failure and I was even more determined to do well for the project and eventually, the exam. I do not know if I am able to perform the same miracle as this time round, the marks relied heavily on tests and projects and there is only one exam due next month. 

I realized I didn't fail the test, thankfully, although I can't say about another test which I  had recently taken. It was super hard but I thought that the difficulty of it could somewhat be cushioned IF I had started my preparations earlier since there was a lot to study. It says a lot when I was doing my orders while studying at the same time. Of course I also felt sad because my other classmates did well while I barely passed. So yeah, it is high time I do some mental check-in.

But I will take it in my stride because nobody says that achieving success is a stroll in the park. There are other people who also juggle multiple roles in their lives and each role is significant. Yet, they can still manage them all well. Pretty much like what the video I watched mentioned, if I want to have a successful life, start by planning my day. Simple as that. I will usually attempt to write and then stop referring to it when other things come into play and I start feeling overwhelmed again because I don't where to start and when to end each task. Sure things may not always follow as plan, just like the earlier mentioned assignment, and also I forgot to include running errands for my mother as part of the Hari Raya plans and also going to a bazaar in Tampines, which turned out to be a waste of time, because we didn't realize that it was over few days ago, haha. Oh dear. Now, I'm basically carrying forward yesterday's planned tasks to today and hopefully will be more successful this time round.

My night ended with both of us walking home because we missed the last bus. Though it wasn't far, I was carrying a 1kg bottle of bleach, lol...during the 20 to 25 minutes walk in the cool breeze. Oh dear, again.

Still, amidst the chaos, there was a ray of light. 

You know, I talked about a crush I had in the gym and then end up thinking that he will only be a crush to me, nothing more, because my mind is not in the right mindset for a relationship. Then due to the fasting month, I take a break so I don't get to see him for quite awhile, for a month I suppose. But I'm still thinking about him as and when.

Then lo and behold, in God's power, I was at the Kovan with my brother and we found a seat. As I was settling down, I thought I saw someone who looked like him but I just felt I was imagining things because I felt like almost every guy who looks like him, IS him, lol. 

But, upon several looks, I realized that it IS him. 

Oh.M.Geeeeee...this can't be happening. He seemed to have gone for a haircut but there was no denying that it was still a 100% him! I think he noticed too because he also looked at me but I had my hair down and not wearing some drab outfit so I guess it was more difficult for him to notice, haha. Then as I was looking at his reflection in the window, I was also guessing that he told his friend because he was turning around a couple of times, assuming that he was looking at me. Again, I'm just guessing. It could be a figment of my imagination, but my mind was not playing tricks this time, because who knew I would see him for real outside of the gym. On Raya eve some more!

Wah, and I had him in my full view some more. I didn't see him on the last day before I took a break but in God's grace, I saw him even when I wasn't at the gym. It is really a miracle :)

So if  you're feeling overwhelmed, take it easy and do your best to plan according to what you are able to achieve within a day. Can't finish? Don't be hard on  yourself and spend lesser time on less important things to give focus on things that are more important. You can have the most decorated, beautiful and expensive planner around but if you still struggling to get things done, then perhaps you should realign your focus, just like how I  have to close my online shop for July orders because I am overwhelmed with orders.

Ok, I will be writing a special Hari Raya post, hopefully in awhile.

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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Start of the Holy Month for 2015

It's the start of the holy month, well technically, this is the fourth day already and the day before we start our fasting, yours truly started to feel sick already. The first day, I was going fine, well almost, the second day, I feel weak already when the flu bug began to attack and fever started to develop.

Go me. 

So for the weekend, I could not fast because I had to eat medicine or otherwise, I could not function. I had orders to fulfill, errands to run, a project to do and while I try to stay up, there are times I just want to lie down on the bed flat.

I've been blessed with the orders I receive. Financially, this month is very tight and I'm sick of getting letters for outstanding bills. The feeling is so sucky. But the only way to get out of this poverty cycle is to just think ahead, plan your moves and stick with the plan. I don't want to drag this any longer and I'm going to just do what I have planned from the start of the year. I figured that the best way to do is to tackle it one by one. Clear one hurdle, move on to the next hurdle, and not be thinking and thinking what can I do right now and feeling troubled by it.

Back to the orders story. I don't know how and why but maybe because this is indeed a blessed holy month, where I have been receiving order every single day this week which is a rarity in itself. I didn't want to make myself feel overwhelmed and instead, to concentrate on my next step and be dedicated to it. I read and admire how the younger people started their own business and it just bloomed. Did they say 'I think I should stop now'? No, instead, they trudged on and do their best, put in additional hours and be consumed by passion, rather than the feeling of being overwhelmed.

I am not going to let God just give me these opportunities which I've been craving for. I need help and I'm going to receive it from Him.

Speaking of blessings, Singapore had recently been hit by a tragedy where young and courageous victims fell victim to the devastating Sabah quake. Those who survived will aim to take small steps to get their life back together and overcome the trauma though it will forever be remembered by them.

One of the families, despite their own loss of a loved one, still felt blessed at what they have and decided to help other people who are in dire need of financial help. 

He says:
"Coming from a blessed background, we felt we could reach out to those who are more in need during these difficult times and it would have been [my daughter] Rachel's wishes as well."

In simply put, he felt that he is just human, helping another human. For the full article, click  here

Whether you are a Muslim who does charitable work during this holy month or simply another human being, let us not forget to be charitable to those in need. Instead of just being keyboard warriors, complainers and what have you, if you think you need more and more of wealth and material goods, ultimately you can't carry them to your grave. People are more likely to remember you for what great things you have done and not what you have.

Have a blessed Ramadhan my dear Muslim readers.


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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Embarking on a Low Carb Diet

I haven't talked about it but I have been on a low carb diet for slightly more than a month. Basically, I slashed my carbo intake, which means white rice, to a whole lot. As in, I would eat only two spoonfuls, and maximum three, of rice and those spoonfuls are being fed by my mother. Because to her, it's the only way to make me eat rice, haha.

I had this er..epiphany (?) when I was eating the leftovers from a buffet spread after a meeting was conducted in the conference room. I just ate bread and didn't feel like eating much after that. But, it was a waste for the food so me and the rest of the office peeps, went over and ate our fill which was basically their lunch too. I tried to eat the dishes sans the rice, and I thought that hey, I can do this.

Also, I felt like this year, I truly want to chase after my goals and this includes losing weight and keeping it off which honestly, I haven't been successful. There were some yay moments and it is usually a fleeting moment only. Then, I'm back to square one, like all the time.

So I thought, there should be a better way than this. I don't want to go on some fad diet. I don't want to feel blah anymore. I want to feel good about myself and even if it means making some sacrifices for the better, then er...I should give up rice. If from that buffet spread, I could eat the dishes sparingly without rice, I felt I can do this. 

Just like when you're embarking on something new, there's this fear that you can't do it. This is normal. We're just human beings. But knowing what is your ultimate goal and staying focused on be on the game, you will feel like as though, you are in this for the long term.

When you ban or cut down white rice, white bread and pasta in your diet, you will feel instantly lighter within a week because they are simple carbs that tend to attack around your middle region and cause bloating. I noticed my tummy don't look and feel so bloated anymore ever since I lower my carbo intake tremendously. Of course, being Asian, you can't totally ignore rice, but having it in much smaller quantities, help too. Plus, having some carbohydrates can give you the energy for the day too but if eaten in larger quantities, can cause lethargy. So choose your battle carefully, people.

Apart from this, I have also cut down on snacking tremendously and I admit that this is the hardest. Oh, and drinking water. But again, it is about being focused on the game. I imagine myself being at my ideal weight, technically still considered in the unhealthy range..hee, but it's what I feel at most successful and most confident, once upon a time. I want to get back to that weight so badly that I am doing what it takes to be at that weight. 

I've stopped eating after 1.30pm and would only continue to consume food after 7.30pm, usually after 8pm if I have class. At first, it was torture because I'm so used to snacking, for instance biscuits, even though I try to snack on healthier biscuits. Or even chips, but just a few pieces. But I want to take it further. I decided to totally cut on snacking, and if I'm feeling hungry, I will drink a plain of cold water from the dispenser to quench the thirst. 

I didn't think this was easy at first although it was just plain water. But recently, I discovered the benefit of drinking water (like, as though this is something 'new') that it actually aids you in losing weight. No, for real. How? We all know that it's a no brainer that our body needs water to function. Besides water having zero calories (how can you top that?), it helps to flush out excess water weight that makes you feel bloated and also helps to increase your metabolism which burn fats faster resulting in weight loss.

Drink up for health

Now comes the biggie. Have I actually lost weight, and lose it for real.

The answer is...yes!

So, it worked. Yay! I've not actually seen this weight for a long time. If I do, probably for a fleeting moment and then the next week, my weight will creep back up again. I've since lost 2kg because my aim is to lose a minimum of 500 grams per week. Do-able, if I stick to a low carb diet and embark on at least 30 minutes of exercise each day, which translates to walking before and after work, and climbing staircase instead of riding up the escalator, cutting down on snacking and drinking more water.

Only last week, I didn't manage to lose 500grams or 0.5kg although the weight loss I had last week, was definitely permanent and I will strive to never ever go back to that previous weight again. So I upped the game this week and how apt that I'm having school holidays so I can walk after work, instead of taking public transport to school.

So later when I go to the gym, I will see if there's any results from it. I'm positive there is, though. 

I know there has been a recent trend in cosmetic surgery to treat obesity. For example, shrinking the stomach capacity to suppress appetite and to control the food intake. I have nothing against people who go through these surgical procedures because it's their body. Plus we don't know what they go through and I'm sure it is not an easy decision for them to be at risk. There was an actress who has been obese and suffering from knee problems which prompted her to go through the surgery. Now, she can barely eat and she's losing weight because if she consumes just a little bit too much, she will vomit out. So therefore, she has been feeling lethargic due to the lack of energy coming from the food.

If you're absolutely sure you want to go through this, then go ahead. But it's not the be all and end all solution. You still have to take care of your health by eating food that is good for you, drink up with plain water and exercise. Just stay focused, be on your game and do your best to reach your goal by a certain deadline that you have set. And don't be too hard on yourself if you are not successful or you lapsed in your effort, just like me in the previous week. Some things take time to happen so be patient :)

Oh, and good luck!


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Friday, June 12, 2015

Life is Indeed So Precious

Life is indeed so precious. In just moments, things can change.

When I saw an instagram photo regarding the passing of one young celebrity, the one who posted it, also a celebrity, was talking about how she didn't want to die, if it means leaving her family behind. Then I thought about my family and how precious they are to me too, just like life itself. You'll never know when you will utter your last words to them, or they say their last goodbye to you, even if it means a casual farewell because you're leaving for work.

When I look around me and noticing how materialistic people have become, accumulating things after things, whether for their hobby or for their vanity, and then having to think about how much you have to leave behind after you're gone. What are they going to do with them. If they are valuables that can be sold, then at least it can help the family members in a way or two. Other than that, I'm simply just wasting my money away on things that I barely use because it's either too similar to what I already have or I just have too many. When I see some people basically sweeping away all the things that are being put up for sale at below cost until others who may need it more don't get a chance to purchase, I'm thinking how much of those things are you going to use anyway.

While it has nothing to do with the recent tragic loss of lives,  I wanted to ensure that my money is more well spent this time round to at least last me until my next pay. I didn't want to keep on accumulating things because in the end, they can be rather worthless if i don't make full use of it. I would rather spend on things that will help me in making money in line with my vision, rather than buying because they look so pretty that I don't want to use them. This side income helps me to support my family and I believe, if I put in more effort and be more committed, the income can be quite good, at least to tide over the week.

Apart from that, I am also thinking about what people really think about me. Have I done enough to be kind to people, to love and respect others and to be filial to my parents. Have I done enough good in this world. What have they got to say about me.

When I read or hear about all those things the people who had  passed on have done when they were alive, my thought was how kind and how beautiful they are as a person, so much so God loves them more and call them to be with Him.

People are not going to remember how beautiful you are on the outside but how you beautiful you are on the inside. So remember, be kind to people, generous, respectful and loving. We can aim to be beautiful on the outside by being well groomed and taking good care of our health and our body. But we can't be too fixated on our external beauty.

We must also learn to appreciate the love and kindness around us and from the people that we care before it's too late.

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